3 Myths about using 3D Scanning Services at Airports

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you take a full bottle of your shampoo in the flight. 3D scanning services which are having a run at some airports in the country is likely to end the stringent rules of carrying liquids onto the airplanes. But, are these scanners at the airport dangerous for the customers?   The transportation department thinks that the scanners are safe, but the flyers are apprehensive of submitting their body to the 3D technology at the airport. The technology is likely to ease the security at the airport and comes as a handy tool for the security experts.  The scanners take hundreds of images, spin around the conveyor belt and give an exact insight into the luggage.

3d scanning services at airports

1) The amount of radiation emitted is harmful

Irrespective of the place of your residence, you’re regularly exposed to low level of radiation, whether it’s from the soil, cosmic radiation, sun or water. If you’re living in a seaside area, you’re exposed to approximately 0.8 millirems of radiation a day, which is almost nine times of that emitted at the airport scanners. After looking closely, you will realize that cosmic radiations are more harmful than the emission of the scanners installed by the 3D scanning services at the airports.

2) The more you fly, the more you will become sick

For many experts, the argument over the emission of harmful radiations is baseless because the technology is completely safe for the human body. The radiation a person receives from flying is much more than the 3D technology. The strength of cosmic rays increases as you go higher, and you’re at a higher risk when flying than using a 3D scanner at the airport for safety purposes.  The technology possesses no threats to the health of the flyers and will not make them feel sick if they travel frequently.

3) Full body scanners show you nude

The full-body scanners at the airport use two different systems, primarily – backscatter X-ray and millimeter-wave. Both the technologies use non-harmful radiation that penetrates the clothing. It helps the security personnel detect the foreign concealed objects on the body. It will eventually root out hijackers and bomb-laden terrorists who can reach the airplane despite heavy security. Furthermore, the scanners are detecting packets containing liquid bombs, ceramic knives, and drugs which go unnoticed in a normal x-ray scan of the body during the check-in process. Today, keeping in mind the privacy of the individuals, the scanners produces a blurry image so that the full body scanners are not nude selfie cameras.

conclusion about 3d scanning services used in airports

With the passing days, new inventions are making their way, which is making 3D scanning services reliable, authentic, and safe at the airports.

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