Using Laser Scanning Services to Preserve Heritage Cars


To preserve heritage, vintage and classic cars, automobile manufacturers are shifting their focus towards laser scanning services. The sudden need to protect the limited edition cars is primarily to prevent the vehicle from any upcoming catastrophe in the automobile sector. Companies are planning to preserve the vehicles for their prosperity and ensure that the spare parts can be made in the event of damage and unforeseen accidents. According to research, the 3D scanning market is likely to generate $5.06 billion by 2022. The entire scanning process will ensure that companies can replicate every part, and component right from the material to the paint, colors, and structure.





Advantages of using laser scanning services on classic cars

1) laser scanning services Delivers high-quality data


3D laser scanning services can collect a plethora of information from vintage, heritage or classic cars. The more information you gather about the parts and body of the car, the easier it will be to put the scans together to create an accurate 3D model. Every scan generates a bulk of data, which is processed and is used to create 3D models of the cars. It is allowing the companies to scan hard to reach parts. The technology is helping automobile manufacturers capture the individual parts in extremely high resolution.  Earlier, the manufacturers had to measure the cars using templates to build appropriate models. The process was tedious and would take months to preserve a single car. But, with the 3D technology, the preservation process is made simple and straightforward.

2) faster processing

It is not possible to scan the entire car in one scan, and you will need some scans to preserve the cars. During the data processing of the scans, possible loopholes are checked before creating an accurate 3D model. Furthermore, the scans are so precise that retouching has to be applied only to a few corners and cavities. The faster processing time helps in preserving the cars for the future generation.  Thanks to the scanners, classic vehicles are preserved for car fans, prosperity, and the owners.  The scope of scanning work is enormous, and the results will save months of work. It has come as a boon for the manufacturers planning to restore and preserve their best models.

3) save money

Using laser scanning services, manufacturers are effectively saving money by delivering quality results in comparison to the traditional methods. Manufacturers are using the individual parts for reverse engineering and create spare parts for the future. The digitization of cars using the modern equipment is helping in the successful restoration of the cars.

Today, laser scanning services have become a part of an advanced classic car garage and are preventing the manufacturers to avoid the risk of potential deviation during the entire preservation and restoration process.

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