3 powerful ways to make your listing stand out using real estate photography

Today, almost every buyer start the search of their dream home online. As per a research by National Association of Realtors, 99% of the 36 years and younger rely upon real estate photography to compare properties and search their dream home. And, with so many listings available on the internet, it’s vital to make your listing stand out in the clutter. Believe it or not! Selling a home quickly and for a good price is all about presentation because the first impression matters. For potential buyers, the digital photographs are the first thing that they search for a property. And, you cannot possibly throw up any old listing and expect the buyers to come knocking on the door. Always remember that decent photographs might get you a buyer, but won’t fetch the desired price and it will never trigger the bidding war.

3 powerful tips to make your real estate listing stand out using professional real estate photography

1) Prepare the property for close-up

The buyers want to see a new home and not the old home of the seller. From focusing on the lighting to redecorating the space, everything will count and add value to the property. Maintaining a perfect color saturation is essential to bring out the best in the picture. For indoor shots, use a trial and error to adjust the lighting and take multiple pictures using a different combination of light. Pick the picture which brings out the worth of the property. Furthermore, to increase the effectiveness of real estate photography replace all the bulbs with the same strength and warmth. It will bring out the best in the photos and make your property look compelling.

2) Join the loose ends

Property buyers are often encouraged to judge a book by its cover. Meaning that sloppy and below average photos that don’t look finished will make the potential buyers walk away from it. Stacking photos of a room full of personal items and knickknacks will never serve the purpose. Declutter the interiors and remove cars from the driveway when shooting pictures of the exterior. Keep in mind that the customers are interested in the property which you’re advertising and not what is in it. However, before the photo shoot, there is no harm in keeping brightly colored artwork or flowers because a dash of colors can add value to the neutral colored atmosphere.

3) for real estate photography: the brighter, the better

Most of the professional photographers rely on natural light to capture the essence of the background or object. Therefore, schedule real estate photography on a natural sunny day. A cloudy and rainy day produces dull and gloomy pictures which can lower the price of the listing. Also, when taking pictures of the exterior, try a shot from an angle instead of directly clicking photos from the front.

Using real estate photography, you can create a mental connection with the audience. Photography is not rocket science, but its an art! Use it properly to stage your property in front of the potential buyers.

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