3 Things Real Estate Photography Will Do For Your Listing

When it comes to selling real estate properties, the image you share with the listing is the only thing which matters. Real estate photography plays a significant role in attracting the buyers. The 360o panoramic view and the quality of the photographs matters. And, yet a plethora of real estate agents forgets to invest in hiring a professional photographer wisely. Excellent photos and 3D virtual tours help in selling the property faster, upholds a higher standard of branding and get more listing in the future. It might shock you that most buyers spend weeks stalking an online listing, texting must-see homes to their agent and probably making a decision. Always remember that good first impression starts with an impeccable online listing.

4 things real estate photography will do

1) Capture more ceiling than the floor

Real estate photography tends to capture more ceiling than the floor.  It is a good idea when the ceilings have a unique design, or there is something special hanging up on the roof. However, if you require photos of the room, you would need to get the intricate architectural details of whatever you might want the buyers to see. And, the more flooring you capture, the more spacious the room will appear. Therefore, before beginning the photo shoot, it’s essential that you tell the photographer your requirements so that they keep the tripod stand at a lower angle. When it comes to real estate photography, bad images get you nowhere.

2) real estate photography creates vertical lines

When capturing a particular room, if you tilt the camera slightly up and down, vertical lines are likely to converge in the images. Also, to ensure that the photos look professional, ensure that the vertical lines are perfectly vertical to keep a professional look to the pictures. Crooked and vertical lines are easily visible and noticeable, which can affect the quality of the photo. To avoid vertical lines, try to keep the camera on a level. Therefore, use a tripod stand unless your photographer has steady hands. In real estate photography, fixing vertical lines is tricky, remove but using post processing software, you can effectively remove the crooked and vertical lines.

3) Use artificial lighting

Photographers usually switch on all the lights of a room to capture photos for the listing. And, if you want to capture the colors and paints accurately, never turn on the artificial lights. Photos in natural daylight are the best as it helps in capturing the true essence of the property. Artificial lighting skews the natural color and makes the images yellow or blue. And, the worst photos are those in which the room has both yellow and blue lights. Therefore, as far as possible, avoid using artificial lighting, if you’re looking for the photos to leave a lasting impact on the buyers.

Real estate photography is crucial for capturing designed interiors and intricate details, which might be useful for a buyer to make an informed decision. With some extra thought, you can take your listing to the next level.

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