The Technologically Advanced Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

The Leica RTC360 is a high definition 3D laser scanner — and it’s shaking things up in the 3D laser scanning world. Its scanning workflow captures millions of points, now faster than ever. The scanner is improving productivity and efficiency in the field applications. And, it is proving itself as the one-stop destination for professionals to manage complex projects using accurate and precise 3D presentations. Apart from accurately scanning the objects, the scanner is equipped with edge computing and mobile-app technology to pre-register the already existing scans. The high-performance laser scanning allows the capture of a dome size in a less than 2 minutes.

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Who can use the Leica RTC360 3D laser Scanner?

The 3D laser scanner is designed for maximum productivity and for specifically for professionals who are not scanning experts. It is the technology of the future and is ideal for those working in the construction, public safety, manufacturing plants and other areas where professionals have to work under a stringent deadline. The scanner provides a better way to digitally capture the reality of sites, which helps in taking key business decisions. The technology is aiming to make their life quicker, easier and accurate. Furthermore, it enhances the overall efficiency of the fieldwork, helps in quality assurance and reduces the office work time. The enhancement in the workflow increases the efficiency and productivity, which results in a reduction of cost and increase in profits.

why do we love it?

The scanner boasts of a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second. The capture and creation of dome-like structures and colored structures can be completed in less than 2 minutes. Furthermore, the scanner is small and light in weight. The compactness of the device makes it portable, and it fits comfortably in most of the backpacks. The agility of the 3D laser scanner is the unique selling point and is helping professionals carry out the operations in a faster and hassle-free manner. Furthermore, low noise data encourage a better quality of images, which are crisp, sharp and error-free. It offers outstanding precision to the professionals using it.

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The scanner is capable of automatically recording the moves from one station to another, which helps in pre-registration of the scan without any manual intervention. It is a mid-range scanner capable of scanning up to 130 meters, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior scanning purposes. When used with Cyclone FIELD 360 software, the scanner offers superior and unmatched precision. Furthermore, it allows the capturing of data in the field on a regular Smartphone or tablet.

The revolutionary 3D laser scanner is simplifying field work for those who are new to scanning by accurately collecting data and transforming it into reality models. With Leica RTC 360, the process of decision making commences from the field itself.

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