3 Ways How 3D Printing is Making Healthcare Affordable for Everyone

As Baby Boomers reach their retirement age, healthcare providers and policymakers are on constant vigilance to provide affordable medical services. 3D printing can prove as a real breakthrough in treating patients across the globe. With the advent of technology, today people are enjoying a higher life expectancy, but the rising cost is becoming a bottleneck and causing hindrance to the progress. From creating an artificial skin to creating exact prosthetic parts, 3D printing is leaving an impact in the medical industry. Additive manufacturing has the power to bend the cost curve and make healthcare affordable for people looking for medical assistance.  In the future be ready to witness 3-D printed lungs and livers and kidneys, which will prevent the death of patients waiting for an ideal organ match.

Here are three ways how additive manufacturing is likely to bring disruption in the healthcare industry.

3D printing Provides economical implants

The purpose of implants is to replace a non-functioning or malfunctioning body-part. You just cannot create an implant and place it inside the body. Unless the organism accepts the implant, it’s less likely for the implant to function exactly like the body-part. However, the medical technologies which advocate these two constraints are expensive. However, with 3D printing, medical practitioners can drastically cut down the cost and make it within reach of everyone. In the coming years, the technology is likely to create ripples by providing made-to-measure implants in few hours to save the life of a patient in life-threatening situations.

Manufacturing better health

In the coming years, people around the world would live a happier and a sophisticated life, while curbing down the expensive and specialized medical procedures. Imagine a person living in a remote area without access to surgeries and therapeutic procedures. What was once too costly and unimaginable is now within reach. The troubling healthcare standards are likely to witness a downward trend when companies are capable of manufacturing better health. Furthermore, with the 3D technology, companies can dematerialize numerous tools and avoid stocks, meaning that you access the tool within one day with the help of 3D printing.

3D printing: Leading way to cancer treatment

In the medical industry, tumors are probably the most notorious because it’s difficult to understand how the tumor will react to the treatment. But, with 3D technology, companies and doctors can test the treatment ahead of the tumor cell. It will reduce the tedious iterative process and increases the speed of the process. Using 3D printing, the healthcare sector is creating organoids to ensure that the treatment process is realistic.

It’s not only customization and personalization, but it’s the ability of 3D printers to bring a voluminous change in the cost of different medical procedures, which is gaining traction in the medical industry. In the coming years, 3D printing is likely to bring mainstream and will lend a helping hand to doctors to perform surgeries and operations with precision.

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