Why Is Reality Boring with Augmented Reality?

Even today, augmented reality for many businesses remain a mystery and a concept of the future. AR is about superimposing computer-generated images on a real view, thereby generating a virtual world that augments the real world. Undoubtedly, AR is making reality boring, and virtual showrooms are enticing the target audience. With the accelerating adoption of the technology, the day is not far when AR will capture the center stage and emerge as a potential blue-chip industry for companies across the globe. From bringing children’s storybook to life to visiting a museum without setting a foot, consumers are welcoming the change in technology with open arms. Furthermore, with the rising use of Smartphones, AR is likely to become a tool of the future for mobile devices.

Here are three reasons why AR is overriding the real world.

Augmented reality Revolutionizes the Workplace

Recall Pokémon Go! How one game changed the entire gaming industry and how it brought lasting ripples in the niche market. Augmented reality is making way for interactive and achievement driven play in the workplace. It will make learning more interactive in a workplace because workers will get hands-on experience in training. Furthermore, companies can boost the morale of the customers by linking AR based gifts on achieving targets and exceeding customer expectations. The interactive AR world is likely to change the realm of the workplace and will make working conditioners safer for the workers. Manufacturing plants, mining, and other accident-prone areas are likely to become more reliable with the help of AR. Using AR, accidents can be avoided and potential leaks in boilers or mismanagement in assembly lines can be rectified before it becomes a disaster.

augmented reality Improvises the infrastructure of a city

Today, with the increasing population, public sector and government have to maintain mammoth data and simulate hypothetical situations to ensure proper safety of the people living in the city. Apart from ensuring safety, the public servants have to plan and organize communities for efficiency and economy. However, with augmented reality, city planners can quickly shift their focus from a blueprint to an actual city designed according to the requirement. The virtual tour of the new town will allow you to improvise on the current infrastructure of the city and focus on eliminating problematic areas. There is no point constructing a building only to realize that the infrastructure is not suitable as per the demographics of the area. AR is a lethal tool in the arsenal when planning to improvise on the current infrastructure of the city.

Less guesswork in healthcare

While marketers are the first adopters of AR, the healthcare industry is catching up with the 3D technology. In the coming years, the technology is likely to provide shortcuts and assistance for everything. For example, a plethora of nurses misses out on veins when taking out blood. But, AR devices can highlight the veins of the patients, thereby reducing the time and increasing efficiency.

Augmented reality is likely to change the realm of reality and make everyone glued to their AR devices.

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