360 Degree Scan of Automobiles By 3D Scanning Services

Get a better look with 3D scanning

I remember when I bought my first car. It was a used BMW 530i. Sounds like a pretty ritzy ride for high school punk. The only bad think was that it dripped oil, kept overheating, and it had a bad rattle. I still remember the day I took it to the mechanic to have looked at just after I bought it. You could tell that he had seen that car before, and he was not happy about my decision to buy it. Apparently it was not worth the trouble. I should have got a little advice before I spend all the money that I raised that summer. That is the problem with buying old cars. Our hope is that everything is going to run smoothly. We put a little too much faith in the seller thinking that he or she is going to tell us everything we need to know. The hope is that they just wanted to upgrade to something new instead of trying to get rid of it like a grenade that is going to explode. To help out with this problem is a technology that is going to give you a better idea of what is going on with your car, that is, 3D scanning services.

3D Scanning services company with an eye on your car

The company’s name is UVeye. They are a 3D scanning company that is combining its technical muscle with some automotive companies like Skoda and Toyota. This company is looking to get a good look at your vehicle. It is not just checking out the body, but it wants to get 360 degree scan of the entire car. By doing so, it could tell the car owner what is going on problem-wise with the car. We have all seen plenty of driveways that have big oil spots on the cement. Wouldn’t it be good if we could get he location of those leaks identified and stopped up? A good thorough scan could tell you a lot about what is going on down there. Maybe there is some corrosion going on that is causing leaks. Whatever the case may be, 3D scanning services can help uncover those problems.

Lots of reason for 3D scanning your car

This type of scanning technology for cars has a big advantage for different types of auto services. Rental car companies can really use this for their advantage. Before and after a customer rents a car, there has to be some inspection to tell what damage, if any, has been done to the car. The process is quick and extremely thorough. The 3D scanner can pick up on things that the naked eye can not. Moreover, they can make sure that a car is safe to take the road before it is driven off of the premise. That can save a lot of trouble for the renter. Another services that it can help is the auto insurance companies. A 360 scan of a vehicle can discover dents that can be seen otherwise.  It can also give a much more accurate estimate of damage done to a car in the case of an accident.

3D scanning services sounds like a win for the automotive industry. UVeye is definitely on top of their game.

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