3D Print Expo Showcases 3D Laser Scanning Services

5 Exhibits Featured In Paris

Using 3D laser scanning services, the largest 3D-printed office space is located in Austria. Three architectural companies collaborated on the massive project. After looking at the 3D office building, we’ll introduce you to some of the exhibits at the first-ever 3D Print Paris expo. 

1: The Largest 3D-Printed Office Building

Using 3D scanning services, architecture company COBOD has created another building using 3D printing. Collaborating with PERI and Strabag, the three companies designed and assembled the largest office space currently in use in Europe.

2: Raising Awareness About Mental Health

An exhibit at the 3D Print Paris expo uses 3D scanning services to bring social awareness to children’s mental health. 3D printing technology allows the exhibit to create an art exhibition in the center of Paris streets. In addition, 3D printed busts encourage conversations between children in response to the current health crisis. 

3: Inside the First 3D Print Expo

3D scanning services are instrumental in planning the first 3D print expo. Event planners are finding out what participants and attendees think about the innovative technology. Questions include what the ideal 3D printer looks like and how they plan to use a laser scan

4: Interior Decoration, 3D Printing & 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D printers are being used to create unique decorations. These decorations include 360-degree screens made from 3d printed translucent trees. 3D printing offers almost unlimited décor ideas for everything from homes and offices to restaurants and shops. 

5: Metal Printing for the Medical Sector

3D scanning services can create prostheses and other patient-specific adaptations with minimal costs. At the 3D Paris Expo, the exhibit is taking it a step further. A video playing at the exhibit demonstrates how 3D printing and scanning has the possibility for more applications to improve patient care while keeping costs low.

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