The Partnering of 3D Printing and 3D Laser Scanning

3D printing has become one of the most amazing trends, along with 3D laser scanning. One industry is zoning in on these technological tools. Dentists have always adopted the latest technology to perfect their routine and make patients feel more comfortable. The perfect partnership they have found is using both 3D scanning and printing.

 You can have a printer, but without highly accurate scans, the printer may not do much. Dentists like using 3D printers because they can help make accurate models of a patient’s teeth in little time. It can also help create new smaller pieces. Typically all measurements would have to be taken, reported, and sent to a lab.

 Affordable dental printers are becoming common and are making their way to be a top trend. However, 3D laser scanning can still be forgotten amongst the dental community. There are many reasons why a dentist should adopt both technologies together.

Advantages of 3D laser scanning in a dentist office

Using only a 3D printer can have advantages, but using both technologies can be a recipe for excellence. Here are some of the best benefits of using 3D laser scanning in a dentist’s office.

Less time

Many times taking measurements or even trying to get molds of teeth can take an impossibly long time. When a dentist has to make a replica of teeth, it usually requires a foam that hardens up and tastes foul. It gathers the physical information but sometimes nothing more. This form gets sent to a lab where the replica is created and then sent back.

 With 3D laser scanning, that process is completely cut in half. There is no yucky taste, and there is less time taking the scans. It is much more comfortable for the patient and less time consuming for the dentist.

No pain

Instead of using several tools, dentists can stick with just the basics. This makes a patient feel more comfortable and more willing to come back. 3D laser scanning devices can now come in incredibly compact sizes.

No negative impact

Many people are worried about how safe 3D laser scanning is on the human body. They don’t trust it. There are no negative results or bad outcomes. The lasers are not like knives or daggers. They are completely non-invasive, and this technology also uses rapid pictures.


This technology is not all that expensive compared to the benefits it brings. It can actually help increase patients’ comfortability, which keeps them coming back. This creates more profit for the dentist using the equipment and can help them build a loyal customer base.

Final thoughts

Though there are many reasons why a dentist should consider adopting a 3D laser scanning device, it is still relatively overlooked. Many dentists have come to the realization 3D printing can open options for their patients and have taken the technology on whole-heartedly. As more dentists adopt scanning, we will see new things emerge in the dentistry field.



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