3D Laser Scanning a College Campus

3D laser scanning services gets the layout

We must admit, finding your way around is much easier that it used to be. Back in the day we had to first find a gas station so we could get a Rand McNally map. That was the easy step. The hard part was figuring out where I was and where I needed to go. That is all behind us now that Siri has got the route already calculated out. I have become so dependent on my GPS map program that I’m not sure I could find my way to down to Kroger without it. Technology has ready made things easy. As soon as I leave the car, though, things are back where they used to be. Once I get out of my car and try to find some office building or try to find my morning class, I am on my own, looking for some kind of map. We still need those physical maps, and that is why we need 3D laser scanning services to map things out for us, especially at places like college campuses.

A need for an update

We know that college campus maps are not a new thing. Now with 3D laser scanning services, campuses can create those maps with a lot less effort. Stanford University is one who university that is on the ball. They used 3D laser scanning services technology to make a complete map of their campus, using a FARO 3D laser scanner. We know that they have always had a map of some sort. Map need to be update because of changed to the campus. Not only that, but they need to be updated because we have the technology to make them better. A map made by 3D laser scanning services is a much more detailed map.

3D laser Scanning services does it better

The old methods for mapping campuses were time consuming and less detailed. One method was simple measuring point to point, and then creating a map to scale. The other way would be to use photography. An aerial photo would have some obstructed view from trees. This would add difficulty to the measurement process. With 3D laser scanning services, those problems are sent to the principal’s office, spanked, and expelled for life. 3D laser scanning services can do a speedy data collection of the campus. That is not just a few points here and there. We are talking about collecting millions of points of data that can produce a color-filled three dimensional scan of the whole campus. That is a big difference. The cool thing, too, is that such a big collection of data can be used for future needs, too. When it comes time to do some remodeling or renovating, then this data will become very useful. A 3D model show the as-built dimensions that are needed to do any changes to the campus.

It is true that having a fancy map made by 3D laser scanning services is no guarantee that people are going to get to class on time. If students like me are too lazy to do that, then if wouldn’t matter. But for those who do want to be a little prepared before they get there, then they can write a fancy thank you letter to 3D laser scanning services.

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