3D Laser Scanning As-Built vs. Original Plans

3D Laser Scanning services gives the real picture

Have you ever tried to built something and have it end up not being exactly as you had planned. I would say that most things turn out that way. The last time I tried to make a birthday cake to surprise my friend, the end result did not look like the white double-decker frosted cake that was pictured on the box. The final product looked like a flat tire. That is the way most things go. I tried to make a bread box in shop class and the thing was a bit wobbly and the sliding cover didn’t close all the way. That is just life. The same things goes with construction jobs, scary enough. The CAD and blue print plans never lead to the final product exactly. There is always something a little different. Deviations are going to appear in any construction project. It is good to be able to measure them using 3D laser scanning services.

Renovation jobs need 3D laser scanning

No one ever expects to renovate a building when it is first being built. That idea always comes years later when there is new equipment available to be installed. Maybe renovation is needed because there is need for some expansion. Whatever the case may be, original plans vs. as-built differences can lead to extra expense, extra time, and more materials if not taken into account. There is a difference between building plans, and as-built measurements. CAD models and blueprints are like the picture on the cake box. As-built is the actually thing that comes out of the oven. Generally it doesn’t look exactly as planned. Therefore, a good 3D laser scanning services job needs to be done before makeup renovation plans.

A guy who used 3D laser scanning services

People have done this before. A good example is a hotel in Ohio. A man with a plan to renovate a hotel with hundreds of rooms. So they hired a 3D laser scanning services team to come in and scan every part of the hotel. They scanned the lobby, hallways, basement, elevator shaft, etc. Every part of the structure was captured. That was a bit tricky due to the danger of the asbestos material and the fact that part of the building was collapsed. To get the job done right and fast, the team went in with a Leica ScanStation and captured everything in a relatively short time. In the end, this saved the renovation crew tons of money by having the right measurements before getting busy.

The best thing about 3D laser scanning services is that the onsite work time is fast and accurate. All that you have to do is go in and collect the data, and then go back to the office to analyze it. 3D laser scanning services is a necessary tool for any project that requires as-built information. Unfortunately 3D laser scanning services can’t help me get a better cake to come out of the oven, or make my bread box work better. It can, though, be useful for building modifications.

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