3D laser Scanning Can Help Those Smart Glasses

3D laser scanning can revive the glasses

Hey smarty pants! Welcome to the smart world. Everything in your life is getting smarter, except us. Smart phones, watches, lights, homes, forks, and whatever other dumb thing needs a brain. Hey Siri, do you remember the Google glass? The specs came onto the market in 2013 for about 1500 smackers. It sounded like a cool idea, but for some reason it just never took flight. It got its tires popped before it could even get on the highway. I was all excited about it when it first came out. I was ready to buy one. It wasn’t that I was ready for that price, but I knew that after everyone was tired of it I could buy a cheap used one. What happened? I never got to see one. I never even knew a person who owned one. All I knew is that anyone who walked into a restaurants or social event would be considered a jerk for wearing on. It seems the Google glass got chucked in the FAIL pail still in the original wrapper. So are smart glasses dead and never to be revived? Maybe not. It might have found a friend in 3D laser scanning services.

The boat sank

We need to talk about what happened to the Google glass before we talk about how 3D laser scanning services. How could such a cool idea go sour. It was a good idea. Google doesn’t start dumb ideas. Something went wrong. Here are some guesses. First of all, it was a bit awkward to look at. People weren’t ready for the cyborg look. I have no doubt in my mind that people could get used to it. We get used to a lot of things that might have looked strange in the past. For example, hair styles these days would be laugh at by previous generations. Another factor was that it was shot down before it really had a chance to get moving. Probably what we saw was not the finished product. People didn’t give it a chance to be fully developed and upgraded before it was rejected. Probably the biggest reason why it had such a hard time was because of safety concerns. People feared for their privacy. They did not want to have their conversations secretly recorded. That was the iceberg that cracked a hole in the Google Glass boat.

save by 3D laser scanning services

Is there hope for those geekoid glasses? I think there is thanks to 3D scanning services. One of the difficulties that Google Glass had was that people didn’t really know what its use was. Hopes were that the device would find its own purpose. Google Glass may just have a friend in 3D scanning services. The Google Glass can be a hands-free scanning to capture what ever you need to scan. There have been people who have used it to scan sculptures using the device. Basically the Google Glass is a camera that fits on yours head. Using photogrammetry software you could scan anything with just looking at it. 

Google Glass may have stubbed its toes and fell to the ground, but we shouldn’t get rid of it yet. 3D scanning services has shown that it can give it a helping hand.  What other ways could we put this device to use? I’m sure that there are more.

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