3D Laser Scanning Concrete Project

Do it right with 3D Laser Scanning services

Haste makes waste. That’s a good phrase to have in mind when you do any type of project. We have all done things before that were not done right the first time, and then we had to do it again. It may have been something as simple as putting a screen protector on your phone without cleaning it first. Some times it can be something major like not having something strapped down tight on a truck before you hit the highway. When it comes to concrete foundations, doing it right the first time is critical. 3D laser scanning services has proven to be a critical tool for making sure things get done right the first time.

3D laser scanning keeps things in check

Concrete is one of those things that you better do right the first time. Once it is poured and dried, it is very unforgiving. Once the toothpaste is out of the bottle, it takes a lot of effort to get it back in. Once the cement is down and dry, it will not come out without a fight. For this reason, before the concrete is laid, the inspection process needs to be done right. All of the conduits, rebar and sleeves need to be in proper place. Once the concrete is poured, nothing can be changed. 3D laser scanning services is a powerful tool to help monitor a project site to make sure everything is ready for a concrete pour. There is no need to risk discovering a problem when it is hard to go back.

A way to not get in the way

3D laser scanning services allows monitoring crews to work without interrupting the work already going on. 3D laser scanners can be set up around the perimeter of the construction site and can gather data. All of the data collection can be done without touching the site. 3D laser scanning services technicians can take a high quality 3D laser scanner, like a Leica ScanStation PS40, and scan a worksite with amazing quality and speed. The technicians gather point cloud data from a distance, and then can analyze that data off-site to determine the readiness of the site a concrete slab to be poured. If the data analysis shows that something is wrong, the adjustments can be made. The amount of cost that can be saved by discovering a problem early is significant. Fixing a problem after a slab of concrete has been laid could cost tens of thousands to repair. It is better to do it right the first time.

The moral of the story is that, if you are going to be hasty about anything, be hasty about doing things right. Be quick to go out and find a good 3D scanner like a Leica ScanStation. Then use that Leica scanner to watch your back to make sure things are ready to get poured. Also, keep in mind that 3D laser scanning services is not only good for concrete pours, but it can monitor any type of building project. So be sure that you are good and prepared.

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