3D Laser Scanning Services Helps Automakers With Product Design

3D Laser Scanning services a solution for recalls

Have you ever had a product that was recalled or called in for repair for the fault of the manufacturer? It is a troublesome thing to have to deal with. I can just imagine, also,  the nightmare that must be for company who made the product. When companies are designing new products, things don’t usually turn out perfect the first time. There will definitely be a need for adjustment as people begin to test it out. Design is a multi-step process. Therefore it is necessary to have methods for making adjustments quickly so as to keep costs down and get the right product out as quick as possible. Companies are using 3D laser scanning services to help keep recalls to a minimum. They use 3D scanning to speed up the design and problem resolution process.

Design speeds up with 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning services speeds up the design process for automobile manufacturers. First of all, inspecting new parts can be done much simpler when using a digital models. Pickiness is often seen as a bad thing, but not when it comes to automobiles. Regulations abound when it comes to cars, and that is a good thing. That means car manufacturers have to put in a lot of work to make sure everything plays by the rules. 3D laser scanning services cuts down some time when they do parts inspection. In the past, a part that needed inspection would have to be sent to some research and development office. Now, with 3D scanning, products gets turned into a digital image that can be sent via internet. That makes things happen fast. Not only that, but a computerized inspection of a digital image is even faster than using more traditional measuring tools.

Check out the benefits

The job is much simpler with the light-weight, hand-held, fast and accurate 3D laser scanners that are available today. Any physical object can be reproduced in CAD model form for inspection and modification. The financial benefits seem quite obvious. Testing and design can all be done via computer models. This spares the engineers from having to physically build a part before it has gone through any kind of testing. Lots of trial and error can be done completely through a digital model and software simulation before any part is even physically produced. This means that with 3D laser scanning services, quality can be increased and time and labor costs can be reduced. That sounds like a winner for the industry. Digitizing the design process will also make documentation for future modification much easier.

That should convince you that 3D laser scanning services is helping out the auto industry. When there is a problem with a part, manufacturers can get that part analyzed and fixed in the quickest time possible. What used to take days of work, now can be done in a matter of hours. That mean companies have more time to do other projects and so they can increase their productivity. Really this goes for more than just the auto industry. It works for any kind of manufacturer that wants to get things done better, quicker and cheaper.

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