3D Scanning The Rock Wall

3d Scanning services helps climbers

The world of 3D scanning is heading for the rocks. That may sound bad in any other context unless you are a rock climber. Rock climbing is for those nature loving outdoor buffs who would never feel good staying home on a weekend just playing video games, soaking up the soaps. They need to get out in the fresh air, find a rock, and climb it. These people need some risk, too. The extreme sports lover needs to feel the sense of “I just might die” to get the full effect of the climb. Those are, of course, the most experience climbers. People who are just starting out shouldn’t be getting too risky. They need to get some skills developed. It all starts with some good solid training. 3D scanning services is helping rock climbers get some of that training by creating replicated mountain routes. That is, 3D scanning services can create the exact copy of portions of a real mountain inside a building.

3D laser scanning can make a mountain

So how can 3D scanning services recreate a rock climbing wall. 3D scanning technology can take pretty much any object and recreate it into digital form. Once the object is captured by the 3D scanner, it can be printed out. Before it is printed out, it can be first modified digitally, too. A 3D scanner works by recording light waves from a laser beam that reflects off of the object. The laser scanner triangulated multiple light waves to determine a point of location. Many of these readings are taken, sometimes millions. All of them together make up a point cloud, which is a digital representation of the object. Sometimes many scans are done individually, and then are stitched together. 3D scanning services takes scans of sections of the mountain. The exact shape of the mountain can then be recreated using special material using 3D printing technology.

3D Scanning can condition you for the climb

Using 3D scanning services for rock climbing has a lot of benefits. First of all, it could be a big advantage for climbers getting ready for a competition. It would be a huge advantage to be able to figure out the route of ones climb beforehand. At the time of competition a climber who has practiced would know how to maneuver up the hill through tricky areas. Secondly, it could give beginners a way to learn climbing techniques under more safe conditions than out in the wild. More advanced climbers can use 3D scanning services to plan out long dangerous climbs. It would also give climbing wall designers the ability to combine portions of different rock walls to gather into one climbing wall.

So whether you are an amateur rock climber, or just a novice learner, 3D scanning services can be of benefit to your rock climbing skills. This is great news for those who love to do the sport. It is also great news for 3D scanning services, because it gives those restless scanners something to do. If you aren’t a rock climber, then that is okey. There are plenty of other application that can use 3D scanning services. Take your pick. It has application for automobiles, fitness, games, or pretty much any thing you can think of.

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