3D laser scanning in the construction industry

The time-intensive construction industry requires a significant amount of planning, which is often accompanied by uncertainties and unpredictability. Even though the 3D laser scanning technology has been around for quite a few years, it continues to advance and bring surprises for the contractors in the construction sector. From reducing the strenuous task of land surveying to creating a 360-degree snapshot of the target area, the laser scanning is a boon for the industry. Furthermore, using the technology companies can accurately and rapidly process 3D data to create world-class models and analyze situations in real-time. 

Here are a few potential benefits of using scanning in every construction project.

1) Reconstruction of old buildings without a blueprint

When planning to construct a new building or reconstruct an existing one, contractors require an accurate blueprint to understand the area and create the building model. However, contractors may come across instances when the blueprint is missing, which makes the task of the contractor difficult. 3D laser scanning can be used to provide built-as specifications where the original information such as characteristics of the building or the blueprint is unavailable. Undoubtedly, the technology is curbing the efforts of the contractors and helping them construct world-class buildings which are safe and constructed as per the blueprint. During a typical construction project, the rework accounts for more than 10-15% of the overall project cost, but with 3D technology, the same comes down to 1-3%. Using 3D scanning creates a win-win situation for both the construction sector and the real estate groups. 

2) Avoids accidents at the construction site

The construction industry is notorious for being an accident-prone industry where fatal accidents can occur even with slightest mistake or error. But, laser scanning is bringing down the number of accidents and making it a safer working place for the contractors. The precise information reduces the scope of error which diminishes the chances of miscalculations, which further prevents unprecedented accidents from occurring. This implies prevention of collision because the contractors can even plan the building material movement in the construction area. 

3) Tells the exact state of the project

Contractors cannot start working on the project without a Building Information Model (BIM). The 3D laser scanning can quickly generate 3D models which represent the actual state of the project. The technology, particularly, comes in handy during renovation projects wherein understanding what is to be done at the initial stage saves both time and money. Because of the technology, contractors can scan and preserve the image of a structure as it was during the initial phase.

With the advent of technology, 3D laser scanning can provide information on the existing structure, which contains the necessary precision to carry out the construction planning.  Also, the technology is an accurate and a fast method to collect the construction data and execute the project in different phases. 3D scanning is helping contractors save millions of dollars in productivity and rework.

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