3D Laser Scanning services Make Superyacht Refits Easier

Helps Get Them Back in the Water Faster

Creating superyachts is a lucrative business that takes a lot of time. Refits on a yacht take a massive amount of time that the owner doesn’t want to deal with and that engineers of the yachts also don’t want to deal with. 3D laser scanning services can help ease this by making it possible to make changes and renovate the yachts faster than ever before. 

3D laser scanning services can help inspect the entire vessel in just a few moments. This saves time for the yacht people and helps them get back into the water faster than average. It has created a way to get accurate measurements more precisely than in previous methods. 

Tià Simó, co-founder and partner at BYD Group, says, “At that time, we started using it on projects where getting measurements was a real nightmare and not precise, as taking measurements on a boat can be very difficult due to the non-planar shapes of the boat.” 

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology was created a little over sixty years ago but needed a lot of work to be what it is now. Many companies dedicated themselves to making this technology more advanced than ever before. They achieved that goal. Now there are many types of 3D laser scanning devices to choose from. 

There are two main kinds of 3D laser scanners though now there are a lot more than that to choose from. One is called LIDAR, and the other is called photogrammetry. They are the most common forms that you see used in projects. The scanners pick up nearly every point of an object.

The information collected through the 3D laser scanning device is sent to an editing system that allows for images to be placed layer by layer. This creates a full view to work with, and in this system, more information can be edited, so the finished object you see is accurate. This helps teams get precise measurements faster than ever before. 

“3D scanning is a hugely skilled job, with very precise setup required for accurate results. The equipment is portable, so the scan can be carried out wherever the boat lies, but the biggest investment is back in the office after the scan. Post-processing is critical to obtaining a precise image and must be done by a professional.” Says Simó. 

What can be done with this information?

With this information in the palm of their hands, any team can create custom-made pieces for a superyacht. The custom pieces take less time to create because accurate measurements have been taken. This information can replace old and falling apart pieces or add something to the yacht it did not previously have. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have shaped the way we do things. It allows us to be faster and more accurate in areas we did not think were possible. The best part is most of this equipment can be taken anywhere. It is easy to take on the ocean or anywhere else in the entire world. The information can be just as easily sent. 

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