3D Laser Scanning on Large Scale

3D laser scanning brings the world to you

Technology is making access to the world easy-peasy. Back in the day, grandpa used to have to walk uphill barefooted in the snow when he was sick with the flu carrying all his books on holiday to get to class, but today, we have online learning. In the past, people had to walk up to the water well and pump their lights out till they fainted just to get a drop of water, but today, we have faucets. In the past, you had to rip your bags open for airport security and taxi on an airplane for five hours before a ten hour flight in order to see the world, but today, we have 3D laser scanning services! Matthew Shaw and William Trossell are bringing the world to you with their company ScanLab projects. These guys are taking 3D laser scanning services technology to the streets to slide some far-out places right onto your desktop.

High Quality 3D laser scanning Stuff

So what exactly does ScanLab Projects do? Well, if you do a little looking around on the web you can probably figure it out by some of the videos you will find. They do some pretty swag large-scale scanning projects. If you check them out you’ll find scans of landscapes, buildings, ships, sculptures, museums, courtyard, and more. If you never thought that poetry could be combined with 3D laser scanning services, well, these guys have dished it. The 3D models that they make give you a kind of transparent view of things that will make you pinch yourself. You can zoom in and out and see all layers of it from any angle. It’s almost like a work of art. It really gives you a unique drone-eye view of a structure that you couldn’t experience in person. The scans are not rough-cut in detail, but high-quality scanned 3D images.

Check'em out

Some of the most interesting scans that they do are famous historical sites in various parts of the world. They have done four big cities in Italy, which you can check out on BBC’s website. They have also done London’s streets. It is a brand-new way to enjoy architecture. And they do it all through 3D laser scanning technology. And if it seems amazing that they could take every square inch of a large structure and make it into a 3D model, well it’s really quite simple. 3D laser scanning uses a thing called a point cloud. A point cloud is a collection of points taken from the surface of an object. Using the point cloud, a 3D image can be reconstructed of the object, and the more points that are collect, and the closer they are from each other, the higher quality the image will appear. This is basically how ScanLab Projects does their work. They do scanning from every angle, both inside and out to create an amazing 3D experience.

So unless you like the good old days and have an allergy to progress and hate awesome cool ways to use new technologies because they makes you nauseous, you should definitely check them out. You have your ticket to experience the world with ScanLab Projects using 3D laser scanning services. 

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