3D Laser Scanning Replacing Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Seeing Double with 3D laser scanning services

Virtual reality combined with 3D laser scanning services sounds like a perfect match. In many ways, it is. Scanning real objects into the virtual world has enhanced communication. In the past, the idea of talking with someone on the other side of the world seemed like something only possible in a story book. Today, not only can we talk with people across the ocean, but 3D laser scanning and virtual reality make it possible for people on different continents to feel like they are having a face to face conversation. The benefits of these technologies are many, but there are some people who may end up getting the short end of the 3D laser scanning services virtual reality stick. The victims are ones that you might not have guessed. They are the actors and actresses of Hollywood. Will those in Hollywood end up getting replaced by their own virtual selves?

You've been replaced by you

Imagine watching the next James Bond movie and see yourself act the part that you never played. That doesn’t really even make sense unless you have an idea what 3D laser scanning services can do these days. 3D laser scanning services can take a person and place them into the world of virtual reality. You know what that means don’t you? It means that actor can play a part without even having to act the part. It means that Brad Pitt could be stored on a hard drive and brought into any scene that the producers wanted. Of course there would be legal issues to deal with to be able to use his face. This technology has already been used in movies to replace actors who have either passed away or used doubles for dangerous acts.  What this means is that actors don’t really need to do acting at all. All that they need is a digital double. That is both amazing and kind of freaky.

How 3D Laser scanning action works

3D laser scanning services is the key to digitizing people. The technology works by detecting the reflection of a laser as it bounce back off of the surface of an object. The object in this case would be the rosy cheeks on some actresses face. The speed at which that laser is reflected back tells the 3D laser scanning services device what the distance is between the scanner and the object. Each time that laser does a reading, the information is stored as a point for that distance. Put all of those points together and the final result is what is called a point cloud. The point cloud is what is used to rebuild that actor or actress on the movie screen. 

It is true that 3D scanning services has and will continue to change the way Hollywood does movies. The truth, though, is that actors and actresses will never be replaced completely. 3D scanning services and virtual reality may be able to extend the presence of some actors on the scene after they die, but it will never make people who were not famous in person famous in VR. 

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