3D Laser Scanning Tackling Crime

Collecting evidence with 3D laser scanning services

Crime is a tragedy, especially when there is a loss of life. When loved ones are lost, then the world crashes down and it is hard for people to do their daily tasks. Despite the heartbreak and loss, there are those who must take care of business. Justice must be served. Therefore, when there is an incident where someone dies, the forensic scientists are called in to do the dirty work of finding out the cause of the death. Their job is important so that that justice can be served. Their job is to find the evidence that proves the innocence of the innocent and the guilt of the guilty. One type of technology that is becoming a very effective tool in the area of forensics is 3D laser scanning. 3D laser scanning services are being used to scan dead bodies into digital form to be used as evidence in a court of law.

3D Laser scanning can reconstruct the crime scene

I know it sounds like a rather morbid job. The truth is that 3D laser scanning services is  flexing its muscle in a lot of areas. Crime investigation is one of them. Investigators and jurors are able to gather much needed information by 3D laser scanning a dead body at a crime scene. In facts, it is a process that brings the dead person to life in a sense. A corpse that is 3D laser scanned can be translated into a digital model. That digital model can be animated to give forensic scientists a virtual reconstruction of the crime scene. This adds an important element to the investigation. People come in all shapes and sizes. A crime scene animation needs to reflect actual body dimensions when it is a matter of guilt or innocence for the accused. For example, a victim may be too overweight to have stood on a ladder. His death may have been because of his own weight, and not that a person pushed him. That would be evidence of someone’s innocence. This is why actual measurements for these models are necessary.

Inside and out

The 3D laser scanning services work does not just stop at the outer measurements of the body. The scanners are looking inside the body, too. The inside measuring is not done by 3D laser scanning, but by using a CT scanner. The CT scan can give investigators an idea of what happened inside the body. How deep the knife wound goes can be seen on the scan. This can then be matched up against the testimonies of those who say they saw the knife that was used. The best thing about using these technologies is that once the information is captured, it is crystalized in digital form. In the past, investigators we in a race against time to collect as much data as possible before the crime scene evidence became compromised. 3D laser scanning services and CT scan technology has changed that.

We live in a fallen world, unfortunately, where crime is inevitably going to keep happening. As long as that is true then the forensic investigators needs to be ready to move in. To make their job easier, 3D laser scanning services is helping them get it done.

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