3D Laser Scanning Retinas For Identification

Stay a step ahead with 3D laser scanning

Here is the plan. Go to the bank, withdraw all of your money, and then head down to the local coin seller and buy all the gold you can. After that buy a shovel, load up on freeze dried food, a lifetime supply of gummy worms and go live in a cave. That is the best way to keep from being scammed these days. The truth is that scammers are everywhere and they are working to get your money. For this reason a lot of efforts has to be put into making personal money accounts safe. The less we move away from cash, the harder that is becoming. The technology mouse that keeps accounts safe has to always be faster than the scammer cat that plots to steal. One of those technologies seems to be presently able to keep a step ahead is 3D laser scanning services. 3D retina scanning seems to be a good way to manage identification.

We need the Newbie A.K.A 3D laser scanning services

3D retina scanning by 3D laser scanning services is a much securer way to verify identity than other current methods. The credit card is like the high school football star. He had his day in the limelight. The years have taken their toll on him unfortunately. He is now a fat n’ flabby old boy who might break the bench when he sits down. Voice recognition was a good idea, but quite frankly I have no confidence in it. My friend put a voice password on his iPhone and I was able to imitate his voice to unlock it. Fingerprint scans aren’t any better. A lot of work must have gone in to developing that technology. The sad new I’ve heard is that thieves can scan your prints from a picture and use it to wipe you accounts clean. The last bastion seems to be Mr 3D laser scanning services who can deliver a 3D retina scan.

3D Laser Scanning Services Gets it done

When we say retina scanning we are not talking about a 2D picture of someone’s eye. A 2D retina scan is really no more secure than the fingerprint. Thieves can trick technology with pictures. This is why a more secure solution is to use 3D laser scanning services. A 3D retina scan view eye in three dimensions meaning that it can compare the parts of the retina in relation to other parts of the eye. The 3D scans adds a spacial dimension that makes it impossible for thieves to fake technology out with a flat picture. 

This is a good ID

Eye retina scans using 3D scanning technology is already being implemented in some places. For example, nursing homes are using it as a safer way to keep track of patients who have dementia. Patients who are in danger of losing their way when they go outside need to have special care. The fingerprint and door code would also work for them. The fact is, though, that 3D scanning services through retina scans provides a much better solution. 3D retina scanning is much safer that touch finger scanners which can spread disease and germs. It also is much easier to do a retina scan than try to remember a passcode. This is especially true for people with dementia. 3D retina scans are also being used at some ATMs. The benefits for which are obvious

3D retina scans by 3D scanning services is not a perfect solution by all means. For the most part, though, it delivers a pretty good solution to the secure identity recognition problem. At least it does for now. The way I see it you have two choices. You’d better look 3D scanning services in the eye or stash some cash and start digging your cave.

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