3D Scanning Services Makes Biology Class More Interesting

3D Scanning making things lively

Schools are suppose to be a place of learning. Unfortunately for me it was only a place to goof off with my best friend. Science class offered a lot of things for me to learn.  Too bad I didn’t learn much more than just how to scribble art on the desks. That’s not to say that some things didn’t perk my interest. There were some learning activities that will never leave my memory. One of those was directing frogs in Biology class. It was both interesting and disgusting at the same time. Some of the students were actually too grossed out do it. It could have just been the smell of what ever chemical they used to preserve the frogs. Another interesting part of Biology class was looking through the microscopes. That was interesting. Nowadays they have something for Biology class that kind of combines the two. Now teachers are using 3D scanning services for biology projects.

Look up close with 3D laser scanning

The technology is microtomography.  It is a type of technology used by 3D scanning services to see through objects. Basically what it is it a 3D x-ray. The technology allows you to look at a specimen at the micro level. It allows you to dissect without using a knife.  That sounds much better that what we did in school. For example, using this technology you could examine a fly at the micro level but not just on the surface. 3D scanning allows the student to see those big buggy eyes in 3D. Not only that but they can also see inside of the fly’s parts.

You need some money for these 3D scanning machines

Let’s not get too excited about all of this though. Students are not going to have a classroom full of 3D scanners that can 3D x-rays. These scanners are only owned by 3D scanning services who have the money to buy one. There are not cheap. Were are talking tens of thousands to a hundred thousand bucks. Not parent/teacher conference or cookie fundraiser is going buy that one. That doesn’t mean that they can enjoy it though.  Students can enjoy studying the 3D models that are produced by those who create education material

Give 3D scanning a shot

3D scanning services technology is becoming increasingly useful for the classroom.  The biology classroom can use it. Art class can use it to teach students how to use technology to express creativity. Architecture and design classes can definitely use it. No matter what area of learning students get exposure to 3D scanning services, it will at least give them a basic knowledge of the technology that that later in life they can apply it a way that they themselves see fit. 

I suppose it is easy for me to think that if only we had 3D scanning services technology when I was in school that thinks would be more interesting. The truth is though that students today have a lot more distractions with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to find these things stimulating. Oh well, I’m guessing that this is the way it is always going to be.

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