3D LASER Scanning Robot

A BoT for your lazy buns

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just wanted to stay in bed? Have you even had a time when you knew you had to get a scanning job done but just wished someone else could do it for you? Don’t you wish you had a little robot that you could flip on and send out to do a job? As it goes at it you just sip your coffee, kick your feet up and watch YouTube “FAILs. Well, thanks to some guy who is not quite as lazy as you are, we may just have the thing that flips your biscuit. A guy named Samuel Martin, a graduate from Cardif University, has built a robot that might be just what you are looking for. Using technology for 3D laser scanning services, this guy has built a 3D scanning robot that gets the job done while you sit back and chew the fat.

Release the Bot

This guy ain’t no lazy bum. If he is, though, he makes up for it in smarts. In fact, his smarts put in the top ten percent in the world among those competing in the Undergraduate Awards last year. What is it that got him there? He created a 3D laser scanning robot that can scan a surrounding all by itself. Do you ever remember seeing one of those robotic vacuums cleaners? You know, those ones that look like a thick bathroom scale on with wheels. It moves all around by itself dodging obstacles and getting the job done. Well, this guy did the same thing but added on technology used with 3D laser scanning services. Oh, and by the way, it name is “Sprinkles” in case you were wondering. The thing uses a Raspberry Pi and a laser printer. The thing just moves around the environment picking up data with the laser scanner. All of that data is processed together to create a 3D image of the environment. All of this is going on while you play Tetris and eat Sour Patch Kids.

A Bot of Many Trades

Samuel’s award winning work using 3D laser scanning technology is not just so you can sit there and build belly fat. Samuel’s self-scanning robot it headed for more higher achievements than that. The hopes is that this kind of scanner robot can be used to deal with jobs that might dangerous for humans. For example. there might be situation were a building could potentially collapse, and it is needed that someone go in to investigate. It such cases, a 3D laser scanning robot would be the best choice to go in first. This is true not only because of the potential cost of human lives, but also the potential loss of expensive equipment. Samuel’s creation would cost far less that most equipment used in such instances.

The work that Samuel did using 3D laser scanning services technology seems to have nailed it.  He has the awards to show it. Just goes to show what a smart guy with a smart idea with some 3D laser scanning technology can do.

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