TOP 5: 3D Scanning and 3D Printing FAILS!

In a world of innovative ideas there will be flops

Now for the top five ridiculous things created by 3D printing and 3D scanning services. I am sure there are projects out there that could beat everything on this list, but these are just a few that I discovered. I am also sure that not everyone will agree with me on these. Some people may think these ideas are awesome, but I think they are ridiculous. In fact, that’s exactly what makes this all so much fun. The cheesy things in this world would not exist if someone out there wasn’t out there actually taking it seriously. In the end, some of those serious endeavors, in my opinion, turn out to be flops. 

#5  The 3D printed pet

This, in my opinion, is a ridiculous idea. I understand that Fido is loved, but putting the poor pooch under the 3D scanner and then printing out a dog dummy is just a little bit weird. Fido needs to be loved when he is alive, but when the little guy passes away, smooching a plastic pooch is just creepy. If someone uses 3D printing and 3D scanning services to recreate their puppy just for fun, no problem, but if they do so because they can’t let Fido go, then we might have problems.

#4 The 3D printed pencil holder

The ubiquitous pencil holder shows up everywhere, It shows up in shop class and art class. Whatever situation requires creativity but produces none, the end result is a pencil holder. Is this really the best we can do with 3D printing and 3D scanning services?

#3 The customized 3D printed clothes hanger.  

You might think I made this up, but I actually saw a picture of one of these.  Instead of a straight bar on the bottom, how about putting your initials in squiggly plastic? Maybe you could put your favorite swaggy phrase that you said in high school all the time for nobody to enjoy. The only one to see this brainchild is the guy who creates it and will probably never think about it since it is covered up by clothes.

#2 The 3D printed customized frisbee

Are you serious? Haven’t you ever heard of a dollar store? Besides, no one plays frisbee except that shirtless guy at the park with his dog. It just doesn’t seem worth the the $200+ price tag. There are better ways. Go to the second-hand store and buy a 50 cent frisbee and a permanent maker. Write your initials on it. Done.

#1 The 3D printed selfie.

This is a good one to print if you are looking for some attention from yourself. You might even want to print three of them, one for me, myself, and I.

Well, there you have it, my top 5 list. I suppose the grand prize goes to myself for a 3D printed plastic spoon. Although it was for training purposes, I once printed a perfect replica of a warped plastic spoon. It took eight hours to print and it was printed with material that wasn’t safe to eat with. So if I am going to laugh at people for dumb ways to use 3D printing and 3D scanning services, then I should start cackling at myself.

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