How 3D Laser Scanning Services and Printing are Impacting the Fashion Industry

It's One of the Newest Trends

Fashion is a changing game, and each year the latest designer needs to stay on top of the latest trends. What if we told you that the newest trend was technology? You may be thinking this is crazy, and there is no way that tech and fashion can merge. However, we are here to tell you it has. 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing have entered the fashion world, and they’re not going away. It is not a fast trend that will die out soon, but a way to revolutionize fashion and help create better-made clothes that are customizable. 

There are so many ways this technology can be useful in fashion – not just clothes, but shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. For example, you can use a 3D laser scanning services tool to collect information and store your inspiration. Then you can download that information and send it to a printer that prints out a unique design based on what you scanned. 

Too good to be true? Well, it’s not. It’s one of the best tools for a company to use, and it may even help them gain loyal customers. It allows a company to create customized items easier than ever before, which can be more rewarding than a fast-fashion company. So let’s dive into how and what these tools can give a fashion brand. 

Unique accessories

When you walk into Zara or H&M, what is the first thing you notice? Everything looks the same. Maybe it came from the same designer, or perhaps it came from the same manufacturer. But, it’s all the same. With the help of 3D laser scanning and printing, unique designs can be created and printed easily. There is no stopping creativity with the help of this technology. 


Whether you’re in manufacturing, sports goods, or even construction, every company needs some kind of prototype. It’s the first model of something that is not yet ready for the market. It has to be tested and ensure the style is the way you want and find any flaws. This technology can help. You can even scan each prototype to track any changes that you make in the process. 

Going green

One of the best things about this technology is that it can help lower a company’s carbon footprint and use fewer materials. This means less waste, and a company has a better chance of thinking more sustainably. It’s a game-changer for the fashion industry, known to cause tons of waste every year.

Customized fits

Customers love custom fits or custom looks. Typically, for a larger company, this may be impossible to do for everyone. With the help of apps, many people can take their own scans using the sensors from their phones, send them to the company, and they can use printers to create something special for that individual.

Final thoughts

We aren’t surprised that 3D laser scanning made it into the fashion industry. We are even less surprised that 3D printing emerged as well. The two pieces of technology partner well and make it easy for a fashion company to stay relevant. 

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