3D Laser Scanning Services and Printing Bring New Shoes to Market

Adidas Has Some Competition

We know that Adidas’ new shoes take 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing to a whole new level. However, did you know that many more kinds of 3D printed shoes on the market you can purchase? Technology has been merging with the fashion world for a few years. Adidas has some competition; you can choose everything from pumps, wedges, van look-alikes, and sneakers. There is no limit on what can be scanned and printed. 

Every collection created with 3D laser scanning services can be unique, customized, one of a kind, and inspiring. Technology is taking our fashion game to the next level and sparking designers’ creativity. 

You should take note. Not all shoes are 3D printed; sometimes, it is just the soles in the shoes. The great news about this is that it allows shoes to be more comfortable and focus on how individuals need their shoes to feel for their feet specifically.


Reebok is a well-known sports brand, and they have taken their design a step further. Not only have they scanned feet to understand the various types of feet you can find in the world, but they have adopted 3D printing to create soles. The soles are made from a liquid polyurethane material that created a durable product and higher performance than other materials. 


ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer. They specialize in customized footwear and use 3D laser scanning devices to help with this process. The process has to happen in their stores. Thanks to the technology, though, the company creates soles meant for the wearer. The entire scanning process only lasts 30 seconds and is more accurate than other ways of taking measurements. 


Prevolve was founded based on the idea that barefoot is better. They wanted to provide minimalist shoes that allow your foot to move naturally. They do this by collecting information on your feet and using 3D printing to create a customized shoe that helps your foot be free. 


Native uses 50% recycled material and allows an individual to have a lot of customized options. This company may not use any 3D laser scanning, but they are dedicated to printing. It is easier, faster, and gives customers more control over the shoes they are getting. 

Iris Van Herpen

If you have yet to hear of this queen, it is about time. Iris Van Herpen is one of the first designers to take advantage of additive manufacturing. She has printed everything from shoes, accessories to full wardrobes. This designer 3D printed high fashion shoes in the form of trees. 

Final thoughts

There is no limit on how creative someone can be when using 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing. These tools allow you to go as above and beyond. Adidas is not the only one who can 3D print shoes. But they are helping set a massive trend among bigger companies. Let’s see who starts next. 

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