3D Laser Scanning Services Used To Create Rendering Of Cave System

Project Is First Of Its Kind

One of the best places to go in Oklahoma is Robbers Cave State Park. However, this cave is impeccably old. It is known for allowing old bandits to hide out in the caves between all the rocks. For several years it has been crumbling, and the cave markings are disintegrating. It’s a historical park, and the caves are one of a kind. Using 3D laser scanning services, a group of researchers can digitally preserve and lead to a 3D rendering of the cave system.

This project was funded by the University of Nebraska and was the first of its kind. They wanted to ensure that the 5,000 square feet plus all of the engravings were recorded. Researchers wanted the interior, exterior, and every detail about the cave they could get. That is why they used the highest quality technology to capture the information. 

For this project, a group of students and a professor used LiDAR or light detection and ranging to capture information for the 3D rendering. It’s a machine that uses infrared lasers to bounce over a place to capture details. The lasers are being measured by the distance they travel. They repeated the process in over 92 locations ensuring they captured thousands of cloud points for the cave. They collected over 3.1 billion cloud points in Robbers Cave. 

Caves can be especially tricky to scan. Some areas can be darker than others making it harder to capture accurate details, and other places can have incredibly uneven terrain. As a result, it can be hard to collect information by hand. However, by using a 3D laser scanning tool, the team could capture all of the information over a few weeks. Without this technology, this project would have taken months or maybe even years. 

Why is LiDAR important in our society?

This technology can be crucial for archeologists or researchers trying to understand an area’s surface. It can gather information that may be hidden by plants or vegetation that they would never pick up on. This device allows for small details to be picked up and analyzed without clearing or destroying a natural area. 

3D laser scanning can also accurately capture specific structures that would take a team months to analyze. It’s why this technology was used for Robbers Cave. It allowed them to develop the surface but also the entire structure for a model.

What is 3D rendering?

3D rendering is the process of developing a 3D model into a 2D image. It is a way to digitally preserve information and accurate details of a site. Many researchers turn to this to share their research with the public in a format that everyone can view.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services are something that many researchers are adopting. There is so much promise in this technology we will continue to see it spread worldwide and help researchers. This tool is one of the best ways to capture accurate information and store it for future generations. 

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