3D laser Scanning Services Are Proving Invaluable For Oil Refineries


Updating an oil plant is hard work and not always easy. There are many rooms, pipes, and areas people cannot easily access. Drawing an oil plant by hand is incredibly tedious and not always accurate but having reliable and accurate plants is necessary for an oil plant that wishes to expand in the future. 3D laser scanning services can help this process by getting exact details on the layout and creating a 3D model. 

3D laser scanning services have proven to be an invaluable tool for oil refinery plants. How? With the gathered information, a plant can ensure that safety guidelines are being followed. In addition, they can see problem areas that may need to be updated sooner. The scans are more accurate than a drawing, it provides quality information and can help reduce overall costs. 

The data can create an “as-built” floor plan to see the entire building in a 3D model. A team was able to scan the entire facility plus all equipment and modeled lines in the facility. However, 3D laser scanning an oil refinery plant takes a long time and can still have complications.

How does 3D laser scanning work?

The most remarkable thing about this technology is that there are now many different versions of this tool. In most cases, you will see LiDAR or light detection and ranging. It captures information of the surface of an object or scene by using infrared lasers. The distance is measuring each laser they travel while also collecting other information. It is one of the best tools to use if the layout of a scene needs to be measured, analyzed, and recorded. 

All the information can be connected to CAD or computer-aided design software. More information can be plugged in to create a fully 3D model with accurate sizes and dimensions. It can be incredibly useful for floor plans or building plans to maintain them in the future. 

Why are models of an oil plant necessary?

Any time you have a building with chemicals, oil, or hazardous waste, it is important to have a building layout and keep track of add-ons. It can ensure people stay within the right zones, and if there are any emergencies, officials know where most of the people are. It can also be a good way to see what needs to be updated in a building or what walls should come down without hitting any important pipes. 

Can all buildings be scanned?

The best thing about 3D laser scanning services is that all shapes and sizes can be scanned. This technology can be used to create floor plans for several buildings with multiple floors. It can help with the expansions and renovations of a building. It can allow others to understand what floors are the main ones in use and other invaluable information. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning can be used for more than just refinery oil plants, but they are incredibly useful in this area. It is invaluable to have accurate models and floor plans of oil plants and one of the best safety measures.

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