Using 3D Laser Scanning Services To Analyze Teeth In Ancient Birds

Technology Offers Many Benefits

When you think of birds, you may think of long or short beaks. However, long ago, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, some birds had teeth. Researchers have made amazing discoveries of the animals that once inhabited this planet with the help of 3D laser scanning services.

In the 19th century, paleontologists found the Archaeopteryx, and they also found out that these birds replaced teeth similar to the way reptiles do.

However, even though scientists knew about birds with teeth, they still wanted to understand better how the teeth grew in and the process. To do this, they needed to find skeletons and look inside their jaws with 3D laser scanning services. There are so many ways this technology can be used to make discoveries.

How 3D laser scanning services can help scientists:

  • Can help detect bones at dig sites
  • Can scan bones without touching
  • Can collect minimal details
  • Every image can be edited for a fuller 3D image
  • It can help scientists study the bones in greater detail

With the help of 3D laser scanning services, a team can look at a bird’s jaw to understand the development of teeth. They can do all of this without risking breaking or damaging the skeletal structure. Many researchers have opted to use this technology because of the many benefits.

How 3d laser scanning services help

Using the 3D laser scanning services, the team can look into a jaw, find replacement teeth, and replicate those teeth. It helps them further understand how the teeth are formed inside the jaw, and then they can create models based on the evidence they find.

Replicating bird teeth is a complicated process, and one minor missing detail can affect the entire project or lead to the wrong conclusions. The greatest thing is that it allows the research to be more thorough than human eyes could be. It is a way for a group to collect rapid information that is also highly accurate.

Summing it up

Once the information is uploaded, it can be saved in a partnering system that allows the team to analyze and edit before making a model. For example, sometimes 3D laser scanning services will also connect with 3D printers, which help create physical models. Other times the editing system partners with things that can help create virtual reality for the public to see.

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