Mapping Amsterdam Motorway Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

Helps Identify Problem Areas

The A10 in Amsterdam is one of the busiest motorways you will find, and it was constructed over 30 years ago. It is one of the most congested areas for wild traffic every year and can take a lot in terms of maintenance. Recently, Geomaat has used 3D laser scanning services to collect information on the entire motorway.

The technology captures over two million points per second which means billions of data points have been collected. The point of this service is to provide customers with point cloud information to other products. Clients can then use this information for their own needs, sometimes this includes road maintenance.

Over the next few years, the A10 will undergo maintenance to keep it safer and hopefully less congested in the future. However, planning a project that involves a major motorway like the A10 can be a challenging job.

That is why 3D laser scanning services can be so important. This technology allows a few members to take scans, and then those scans can be used to create plans before a team ever even steps foot on the motorway.

3D laser scanning services allow a team to identify problem areas, cracks, holes, how best to navigate traffic, and where to start the construction for the best results. All of this can be gathered in minutes or hours versus shutting down parts of the highway and causing traffic jams.

Construction teams no longer need to be on-site to evaluate and analyze the space, but they do need access to 3D laser scanning services. This is why outside companies can be so beneficial when they acquire this technology.

The company that holds the 3D laser scanning services like Geomaat will also be able to give them the big picture. This means their equipment can handle processing tons of information all at once rather than a small amount at a time. This means teams get the most valuable insight before starting a project which is very important for construction teams working on road maintenance.

Why 3D laser scanning services is so important

3D laser scanning services provide invaluable information that can be useful in many industries. We will be seeing more construction companies partner with outside companies to use this technology. Having all of the information before starting construction can save time, money, and labor costs.

In conclusion

This technology may also make a job site much safer than it has been in the past. There is no doubt that 3D laser scanning services are changing the way a team collects information before deconstructing it.

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