3D Laser Scanning Services and the Arts

You may be surprised to find that many artists use technology like 3D laser scanning services to create masterpieces. The Child Of Now art project, featured in Melbourne, Australia, is asking everyone to create a representation of children in 2021. It will be a ten-day cycle from ages 0 to 100; you will see the kids walking, eating, playing. On the final day, the image will be of a 100-year-old who goes to bed for the last time. This project is extensive, and because of that, they need tools to make it happen.

3D laser scanning services have been slow going in the art world. However, many people who are focused on video games, digital art, and even historical art are now using this technology. It helps capture precise details that people can use to make an image come to life. 

There has never been a tool that allows so many people to use it for different things. It isn’t only for artists anymore; it’s for small businesses, researchers, students, and more. It’s emerging in art in curious ways, and we can’t wait to see how more people use this technology in the future. The Child of Now is just one of many projects. 

The history of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was invented in the 1960s but was not quickly adopted. It has many kinks that needed to be worked out and was not an easy task to do. It had giant cameras surrounding an object, and it was not as precise as it is now. After years of working on the technology, many companies have created handheld devices for a budget-friendly price that are easy to use. 

There are now so many kinds of scanners that you can easily find one for any project. There are feet scanners to create custom insoles, handheld scanners to scan objects, full-body scanners to help doctors and more. It is easily one of the most versatile tools on the market. 

How 3D laser scanning WORKS

Most of these 3D laser scanning devices use some type of sensor or lasers to capture information. The most common type of 3D laser scanner is LiDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging. It measured the reflection of the lasers by the distance they travel. LIDAR is perfect for anyone mapping out an area and works well for construction crews. 

Another version of 3D laser scanning is one where it takes rapid pictures of an object. Sometimes thousands per minute. Every side gets recorded, and the data collected goes to a CAD program where the images are layered and edited. 3D laser scanning is perfect for artists or students. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have been one of the best ways to create and promote art in the world. So many projects request people to use 3D scanners to capture rare moments in their everyday lives to help move these projects along. We can’t wait to see the finished results and who uses this amazing technology next. 

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