3D Laser Scanning Services: Using iPhone’s RoomPlan to Capture 3D Floor Plans

New Framework Creates Endless Possibilities

RoomPlan is a new framework that allows apps to create quick 3D floor plans using LiDAR scanners on iPads and iPhones–deploying 3D laser scanning services technology.

iPads and iPhone users can now use LiDAR scanners on their devices to capture 3D floor plans. With this Swift API, e-commerce and real-estate app users can now scan and create clear and detailed 3D floor plans.

Images captured through 3D scanning services technology can then be used for interior design and remodeling changes. Despite offering endless possibilities, Apple was reluctant to provide updates on the RoomPlan API during the recent WWDC22 keynote held on Monday.

RoomPlan API technology powers 3D room scans. Developers can learn more about RoomPlan API on Apple’s augmented reality section. Apple reiterates that apps can utilize the RoomPlan 3D scanning technology to create 3D floor plans, including furniture dimensions and types. Apple has recently introduced ARKit, an augmented reality platform that serves as the RoomPlan API’s beta version. The new version will be compatible with Mac Catalyst 16, iPad 16, and iOS 16.

The first app to integrate RoomPlan API was PhotoCatch. Integrating RoomPlan API into PhotoCatch allows users to create 3D floor plans within seconds. Upon using 3D laser scanning services to scan and creating a floor plan using this technology, you can review it in 3D space. iPadOS and iOS 16 users can now try the beta version of PhotoCatch on their devices.

While RoomPlan API doesn’t work perfectly, it works surprisingly well. One Twitter installed RoomPlan to his iPad Pro and used it to scan different rooms in his house and shared the findings in a Twitter thread.

3D Laser Scanning Services: Testing RoomPlan

The test showed that it wouldn’t be possible to fool RoomPlan scanning in front of a mirror. The most impressive part about RoomPlan is that it created an accurate 3D scan of a messy room. But that doesn’t mean that the ARKit-powered app is perfect since it struggled to scan walls with slant angles and vaulted ceilings. The ARKit-powered app could also not detect a huge opening in a wall.

Experts believe that iOS 16 will be a game-changer for developers. It is, however, a few months away from launch. Apple wants to take adequate time to refine RoomPlan and address all reported issues.

Final Thoughts

While RoomPlan technology doesn’t seem beneficial today, it could enable a different experience once the much-anticipated AR headset gets to the public domain. 3D laser scanning technology is the first step toward streamlining conceptual planning and exploration.

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