Supermodel Bella Hadid Uses 3D Laser Scanning Services to Transform Into a Cyborg

Bella Hadid has decided to enter the metaverse with CY-B3LLA, a new non-fungible token (NFT). Bella Hadid, the world-renowned supermodel, will collaborate with rebase to drop over 11,111 non-fungible tokens representing artwork from 3D scans of the body of the American star. The NFT will be linked to 10 global cities, starting with Tokyo, Japan. The supermodel boasts 53 million Instagram followers and will offer them the chance to get closer to a collection of NFTs in her likeness using 3D laser scanning services. The idol will be directly inspired by robotics.

The model doesn’t want to offer her fans a small piece of her virtual self. Instead, she intends to create a new global nation. Each NFT will be associated with a global city that brings virtual images similar to the artwork. The tech firm will use innovative technologies, including 3D laser scanning services to scan the human body.

The Process of Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Scan the Supermodel

Hadid was scanned from head to feet, and a team of artists teamed up to create a virtual representation of her body. The first NFT unveiled by the supermodel looked so realistic. Her body looked like a cyborg and trussed up with a cord and beauty inspired by Tokyo’s pop culture. Tokyo is one of these NFTs that will be dedicated.

The star model looks beyond the artwork. Her mission is to create a more peaceful and compassionate nation than the world itself. Hadid believes that the universe we live in is imperfect. But technology has provided an opportunity to build a metacommunity filled with meaningful connections, compassion, love, and peace. So, this project isn’t about owning a Hadid NFT but using digital objects to create a fictional world. The NFTs aren’t just a collection of artworks but an invitation to a new, peaceful, compassionate global nation.

Each NFT will feature different and unique 3D scans of Hadid that will be used globally to encourage human interactions, fantasy, growth, community, and travel. The other delighting fact about the NFTs is that Hadid fans will use this as an opportunity to meet the supermodel in person or online.

Through 3D scanning services, Hadid intends to utilize the latest 3D laser scan technology to develop new ways to enrich her interaction with her Instagram followers while connecting to her global community. Tokyo will be Habib’s first city to celebrate with her exclusive NFT collection made possible by 3D laser scanning services. More cities worldwide will follow as the supermodel looks forward to making the world a better place to live.

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