Decongesting Brazil’s Roads With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Analyzing Car Crashes and Ensuring Safety

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, there were over 30 million cars on the road during 2020. There are crazy drivers, bad accidents, and unsafe roads to travel. It can be hard to keep up and manage the roads and accidents that occur. There are limited criminal experts that can help analyze a crime scene where a car crash happened. Due to the limited number of employees that can investigate, the police departments are always looking for technology to help. One of the best pieces of technology for a police department and forensic investigators to adopt is 3D laser scanning services

3d laser scanning services help insurance agencies too

Analyzing every car crash is necessary, especially for insurance agencies who need to know what happened, but there is also a rush to get the accident cleaned up quickly. This demand can make the job exceptionally hard to do. Getting a job done quickly often compromises the quality of the work done. 3D scanning services can quickly capture the information on a scene within minutes. This means that forensic investigators can walk through the scene again and again exactly how they found it. 

With the help of 3D laser scanning services, forensic investigators can calculate who was at fault, why and find the supporting evidence. This data can be used in court, for insurance information, and much more. It is not the replacement method of capturing information but one of many that can help determine who was at fault or if it was something on the road. 

Determining who is at fault

A 3D laser scan can also determine if it was neither the driver’s fault and if the road needs to be fixed in certain areas. With this information, they can tell which road needs to be fixed to prevent future accidents and supply the data to construction companies who can fix the roads quickly with the gathered details. 

The faster the 3D laser scanning services are, the more accurate they are, the better it is for the analyzers who reach the scene first. Often the data collection gets interrupted a lot due to the high traffic they need to let through. So by using fast technology, they can get the information quickly and then get the traffic through in a timely manner too. 

On top of this process going much faster with 3D laser scanning services, it can also help keep the officers safer. They are on a busy road for less time, by less moving vehicles, and able to work quicker, meaning less exposure to anything dangerous. This technology keeps more people safe and one day will help prevent more accidents.

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