3D Laser Scanning Services: Bruce Willis’ AI-Powered Digital Twin

It Was Created Following his Aphasia Diagnosis & Retirement

Bruce Willis is still set to appear on the big screen despite his retirement status.

Deepcake, an AI-powered 3D laser scanning services content optimization platform, has produced a digital doppelganger for the ’12 Monkeys’ megastar. The 67-year-old legend was diagnosed with aphasia last year, according to the Daily Mail. This condition affects the brain’s ability to communicate.

It was initially stipulated that the ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Die Hard’ lead actor sold the rights to his image – however, the actor’s rep told the BBC that there had not been any kind of agreement or partnership with the company.

Deepcake’s Use of 3D Laser Scanning Services

Deepcake is an AI-powered 3content optimization web platform that helps businesses and digital marketers create, optimize, and measure the performance of their website content. The platform uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP), 3D laser scanning technology, and machine learning (ML) to analyze website content and identify opportunities for improvement.

Deepcake provides users with guidance on optimizing their content for better search engine visibility and conversion rate optimization. In addition, the platform offers reporting and analytics tools to help users track the performance of their content over time.

Engineers here created what has been dubbed a ‘digital twin’ of Bruce Willis. This move was followed by placing his face’s image onto its AI platform, which allowed them to create a film project in a couple of days.

Known as Bruno by his friends and family, Bruce Willis already had his deepfake back in August 2021 courtesy of 3D scanning services technology. Konstantin Solovyov ‘grafted’ Mr. Willis’ face for a commercial for the Russian telecommunications corporation, MegaFon.

In testimony on Deepcake’s website, Bruce Willis said that the advent of modern technology allows him to communicate, work and partake in filming regardless of the location of the set. He also claimed that it was a brand new and exciting experience for him, for which he remains grateful to his team.

The 3D scanning technology used content from some of Mr. Willis’ movies, including ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Fifth Element’ to allow the actor’s face to resemble some of the images from such films.
Mr. Willis also felt the 3D laser scanning services technology was precise. In his own words, the 3D scanning technology allowed him to ‘go back in time.’

However, in March, the actor’s ex-wife Demi Moore broke the news of Mr. Willis’ situation after his diagnosis. The Pulp Fiction actor announced that Mr. Willis would be stepping away from a career that meant so much to him.

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