3D Laser Scanning Services Improve Carrot Harvesting in France

Securing Healthy Harvests

Agri Techni Concept has relied on 3D scanning, notably Artec3D’s 3D laser scanning services, to repair and adjust its machinery to increase harvests.

Agri Techni Concept is a French agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturer. It is situated in Sore and provides harvesting solutions for carrots and potatoes. For numerous years, the company has relied on 3D technology, particularly Artec3D’s 3D laser scanning services, to repair and adapt its machines to enhance harvests. 

Even if the original designs are no longer available, the Artec Leo 3D scanner can now manufacture new components fast and easily. Since 2007, it has been at the forefront of developing new 3D technologies as a global leader in handheld and portable 3D scanning devices.

They take pride in producing high-quality yet simple-to-use portable 3D scanners, as well as clever, user-friendly 3D software and an SDK that offers the finest integration options for any application. They provide state-of-the-art 3D technology to these respective industries, with a global presence and a huge number of global clientele.

To secure a healthy harvest of Landes sand carrots, the Agric Techni concept requires specialized equipment. The veggies must be meticulously cleaned in the field before being processed in the finest possible circumstances in the factories. They recognized that using 3D scanning service technology would allow them to improve the functioning of their equipment, resulting in increased production and efficiency. 

Following its collaboration with CADvision, the firm purchased an Artec Leo mobile 3D scanner, known for its flexibility and data collecting capabilities. As a result, they can now develop their machinery with the help of 3D laser scan technology.

About the Agric Techni Concept: What You Should Know

Agri Techni Concept is a French firm specializing in agricultural and forestry machine production. It is based in Sore, which is part of the Landes area, and creates solutions for carrot and potato harvesting. The firm has relied on 3D scanning, notably Artec3D’s 3D laser scanning services, to repair and adjust its machinery to increase harvests. It can rapidly reproduce replacement parts using the Artec Leo 3D scanner.

Final Thoughts on 3D Laser Scanning Services and Agriculture

In summary, one of the benefits of 3D scanning services is that they can create a 3D file from an existing object. This is especially intriguing when it comes to parts that are no longer accessible on the market, such as those for historic automobiles in the automotive industry. Users may repair instead of over-consume in this method. Agri Techni Concept is an example of a different application in a less prevalent business, the agricultural industry.

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