3D Laser Scanning Services Help Preserve Mayan Temple

observe, preserve, and recreate

Hundreds of still photographs may be combined to create an amazingly accurate 3D representation of any location on Earth using photogrammetry – providing you catch them all. One of the easiest ways to capture hundreds or even thousands of photos at one time is by using 3D laser scanning services

You may think you need some big fancy machine to do this, but now 3D scanning services are more accessible than you might know. They are no longer pieces of tech for only billionaire CEOs, but 3D laser scanning services are now for everyday people. 

One of the best ways to scan or create a virtual reality of a house, building, or landscape is by connecting 3D laser scanning services with a drone. These are small machines that you can direct to fly over spaces, and with the help of 3D laser scanning services, it will collect all of the detailed information. 

Skydio today announced the availability of Skydio 3D Scan, an extra software package for its self-flying drones that enables them to create amazingly realistic models for much more vital purposes than my vacation backyard BBQ. We’re talking about scanning bridges that may need structural repair, reporting accidents at crash locations, and enabling customers to see building sites from almost any angle, anywhere globally, both while and after projects are completed.

3D Laser Scanning Services Using Skydio

Although many people can start using 3D laser scanning services for cheap, Skydio is meant for professionals. This means their cost of drones and 3D laser scanning services are higher than others. As you would expect with that type of clientele, the function is not cheap: $2,999 per year, per drone, for the capacity to autonomously shoot all those photographs inside a certain volume. The ROI or return on investment for bigger companies makes the price well-worth it, but may not be the best option for freelance designers. 

Though it is targeted at professionals with money to spend, a few brief sessions demonstrated that you don’t need to be an expert or even know how to control a drone to utilize 3D scanning services. As long as you adhere to all applicable local drone restrictions, it’s as simple as powering up a basic Skydio 2 drone and a Skydio controller, then following a series of phone instructions. You fly the drone over the area you want to photograph, choose the level of detail you want. Then it takes care of the rest — shooting images with its 12-megapixel front camera. In contrast, the drone’s other six eyes and navigation system keep it safe.

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