Latest Updates to Creaform's 3D Laser Scanning Services

Bringing the Best Tech to the Market

Creaform announced new R-Series products including a faster MetraSCAN-R BLACK Elite HD and a new VXelements. This solution set also includes a new VXscan-R module designed to accommodate custom automated 3D scanning cell layouts while maintaining the software’s ease of use. If you are a company that has been looking for affordable 3D laser scanning services Creaform has been one of the best tech companies to choose. 

They offer companies and individuals 3D scanning services that are on the market today and this company has had a focus to provide the best tech. They boast many features that other 3D laser scanning services do not have. Here is what Creaform offers when you choose their latest 3D laser scanning services. 

Speed in 3D laser scanning services

Speed and repeatability is important for every scanner to have, yet some versions struggle with this. The MetraSCAN-R BLACK I Elite HD features an optimized field of view for enhanced performance in demanding applications such as 3D measurements on sheet metal parts.

Perfect solutions for the automotive industry

This specialized 3D scanner, with its 69 laser lines and 3,000,000 measurements, is ideal for parts with numerous edges, trims, and boundaries. Many car dealerships and engineers can use this technology to create stunning pieces and help build safer and more reliable cars. As 3D laser scanning services become more advanced we will start to see more automotive industries use this tech. 

For those who need personalized solutions

One of the things that make sales suffer in various industries is the lack of customization. By using Creaforms latest 3D laser scanning services anyone can create personalized products for their customers easier than ever before. The intuitive VXscan-R software module enables you to quickly and easily program the custom features of your 3D scanning CMM (enclosure, robot base, turntable, etc.).

Long term support for all customers

No matter which version or 3D laser scanning services you choose, Creaform offers world wide support. In this new product there is more dependability and more on-going maintenance for the product. 

Simple to operate

Although this new technology is incredibly advanced and can help achieve outstanding results, it is made for anyone to use. Creaform excels at making products that are easy for anyone to use even without prior experience. This is what makes their 3D laser scanning services so much better than others. 

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