3D Laser Scanning Services: The World’s Fastest Cycling Skinsuit

Overcoming Wind Resistance

For cyclists to achieve success, speed is one thing every rider needs to master. This can only be achieved by overcoming the drag caused by the wind resistance. The rider contributes to 80% in order to be successful. What they wear, how they train and their biomechanics play a major role to ensure high performance. Now cyclists around the world are in luck because Vorteq is making use of 3D laser scanning services for riders. 

The skinsuit is a more modernized type of cycling clothing that helps the cyclist to minimize the rate of drag. Not only is it efficient but it is also featherweight, cozy and breathable. It is also specifically designed to suit the desires of the rider wearing it. 

Unlike other skinsuits, the 3D scanning services have allowed the production of better suits that do not wrinkle up with every rotation of the pedal consequently adding up to discomfort and poor performance. 

The 3D scanning services enable Vorteq to select appropriate fabrics and seams for specific parts of the body according to each cyclist’s anatomy to avoid overstretching and opening up of the suits when cycling. The use of 3D scanning services is therefore vital for producing these skinsuits to ensure that each athlete receives exceptional skinsuits for utmost performance. 

The 3D scanning services take and analyze the exact physical features of a cyclist and exhaustively highlight all the types of fabrics, patterns, and sizes in a computing system which is then put together by the concerned team. 

It is after the company ran into difficulties with the former technology that they decided to shift to all concepts of 3D scanning services. It is through this tool that they found a new way to make the life of a cyclist more comfortable.  

Why 3D Laser Scanning Services Work For This Type of Application

According to Vorteq, what makes all the difference is the ability of the 3D laser scan to highlight the precise physical features of an athlete and therefore eradicate even the slightest inaccurate measurements that could cause wrinkles on the suit. 

The company has come up with the state-of-the-art innovation of printing exact mannequins of riders. These are then used to design new suits for athletes without the need for them to come in. With the use of mannequins, the team can test more fabrics and patterns and design new and better suits. 

Through this technology, Vorteq’s team is able to know what changes to make on the fabrics to minimize the drag and enhance an athlete’s power and endurance giving them an edge that will assist them to achieve top-notch performance. 

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