Using AR and 3D laser scanning services to create digital menus

a new restaurant experience

AR company Hololamp has 3D scanned thousand of different kinds of food, 3D printed the 3D models- which are now being used to create virtual menus. These menus allow patrons to see 3D models of food before ordering it. Imagine sitting down at a restaurant and being able to see a 3D image of your meal before ordering it? Knowing exactly what it looks like can take the guesswork out of ordering, and 3D laser scanning services are making this a reality. 

This is the future that Hololamp is hoping to create with its 3D scanning services and printing technology. The benefits of this technology are manyfold. First, 3D scanning allows businesses to create more accurate images of their food- giving customers a more realistic idea of what they are ordering. AR allows customers to (virtually) hold 3D models in their hands, removing any doubt about the meal they are about to order!

How do 3D laser scanning services work?

3D scanning is the process of creating a 3D model from a physical object. 3D laser scan services use lasers and cameras to measure the distance between points on an object and then create a 3D model based on that information. This technology is used in many different industries, including automotive manufacturing, product design, and medical diagnostics.

The use of 3D scanning services is growing in traditional businesses as well. 3D scanning can be used to create 3D models of products, people, or any other object. These 3D models can then be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, 3D printing, and even surgery!

Why are restaurants considering 3D scanning services for virtual menus?

These menus give customers a 3D image of what they are ordering, making it easier on the waitstaff and increasing food sales. 3D models can be used to order 3-dimensional replicas of dishes that have been eaten. This gives restaurants a 3D archive of their menu, which also allows more targeted marketing strategies for these items.

The future of menus may be virtual

The benefits of 3D scanning services are clear. 3D scanning allows businesses to create more accurate images of their products, which can lead to a better understanding of what the customer wants. 3D scanning can also help businesses create 3D models for use in marketing and 3D printing. 3D scanning is a growing technology that is sure to have a big impact on traditional businesses in the years to come.

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