3D Laser Scanning Services Used For Fiat-Hellcat Conversion

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Hahn Auto Restoration is a car shop in Pennsylvania known for its work with vehicles in the most prestigious car shows in the world. Because of its respectful presence in the automotive scene, it gets a fair share of unique requests from clients. In one of its latest stunts, Hahn uses 3D laser scanning services for a Fiat-Hellcat conversion.

One of the existential issues with auto restoration is that only a certain number of parts are made when a car model is manufactured. Some extra parts are made for repair shops, but when a model’s production is halted, so is the maker’s ability to produce parts for that model, typically. It can make finding car parts for old cars difficult, especially if the only remaining parts are rusty from age. This lack of availability introduced auto restoration to 3D laser scanning services and, ultimately, the Fiat-Hellcat!

Being able to 3D scan car parts opens the window for 3D printing. Once 3D laser scanning services work their magic, they can create a digital copy that can be manipulated and edited on the computer. In the case of the Fiat-Hellcat, modifying car parts behind the safety of a computer screen is a crucial step in the process. Once the parts are designed, they can be printed using a 3D printer and installed on the car.

Using 3D Laser Scanning Services To Fabricate Parts

Believe it or not, the Fiat-Hellcat began as two cars. The donors were a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a smashed body and a Fiat 500 with rusty bones. It may seem like an unlikely pair, but we now know that this is the most financially friendly way to make a Fiat-Hellcat. So why didn’t we think of it before?! Using digital molds already provided by 3D laser scanning services for these two vehicles, Hahn Auto can fabricate new parts with precision that will connect the body of the Fiat to the frame of the Hellcat.

Although it seems a little goofy, the Fiat-Hellcat was designed with a purpose other than just turning heads. This purpose was to be light enough to be fast, powerful enough to drift, and comfortable enough to have air conditioning.

After seeing first-hand what 3D laser scanning services can do for the Fiat-Hellcat, Hahn Auto Restoration, and Tomko, Hahn’s partner company during this project, must be working out a way to make this sort of service available directly to consumers.

Can you imagine using 3D laser scanning services to make your own Fiat-Hellcat?

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