3D Laser Scanning Services For Level Floors

Keeping it flat with 3D Laser Scanning Services

How flat is your floor? That is a question that most of us don’t think too much about unless the floor is really out of whack. Most floors are not uneven because the people who built the house worked hard to make sure that it was built flat. Contractors, engineers, inspectors and the like are those who have to pay attention to such things. The levelness of the floor and its flatness are important, especially if the building is going to be using equipment that takes some fine calibration. Warehouses that store lots of inventory stacked high surely require a perfectly level floor that is flat. We have all seen the YouTube videos of rows of high stacked shelves coming stumbling down. Most of that had to do with the operation skills of the forklift driver, but even so that floor needs to be done right. Once technology that is helping do this is 3D laser scanning services.

3D laser scanning services is the new kid on the block

3D laser scanning services is the newest technology used for determining the flatness and levelness. What did they use before 3D laser scanning? One method they used was called floor profiling. It was a device that set flat on the floor with rollers and gathered measurements of the floor. In its time, back in the 1970’s it was the standard way to measure floor flatness. Nowadays. 3D laser scanning services has now replaced that method. 3D scanning technology allows construction teams and engineers real-time ability to analyze the status of the site. That includes the flatness and levelness of the floor. This is important, especially for floor like concrete ones. Once that floor is set, it is hard to repair.

3D laser scanning services

3D laser scanning services simplifies the whole measurement process. One 3D laser scan is enough to get all of the needed measurements for a floor measurement. How it works is a simple concept. The scanner sends out a laser light which reflects off of the surface of the floor. Beams of laser light as it bounces of the object (the floor in this instance) is triangulated to determine points on the surface of the floor. Millions of these points are collected, and when put together for a point cloud which is then registered to make a digital representation of the object. Using this digital topological 3D model of the floor, engineers are able to analyze floor flatness and levelness easily and quickly. The benefit of this is great. It can save lots of time and money that might have been spent on time and mistakes in the measuring process.

Now that you have heard something about 3D laser scanning services and why your floors are so flat and level, you might not take that for granted. 3D laser scanning services is making a difference not only in construction, it is influence the way people do things in all kinds of fields. It helping people do the same old job, but with much more accuracy and efficiency to get it done.

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