3D Scanning For A Great Bike Ride

3D Scanning services keeping you fit

I have heard people say that all the new technology that is out today is making everyone fat and flabby. When they say that, they are just thinking about the remote controller that sit in your hand or the mobile device that steals all of your exercise time away. Well there needs to be some discussion about this, because technology is working both ends of the spectrum. Some of today’s technology, namely 3D scanning services, is giving people a workout. Are you a bike rider? If so, then you might want to listen up. Every bike rider knows that buying a bike that fit your body is the most important factor on choosing a bike. The better it fits, the more comfortable your ride will be. The more comfortable the ride, the more likely you are going to get your lazy rear-end off of the couch and get some exercise!  That is possible with 3D Scanning services.

Get your size with 3D Scanning services

The size of the bike compared to the size of you body is going to effect everything. It will effect the feel of the steering, the pedaling, and the feel of the seat. So, if possible, why not make yourself a perfect frame so you can have that perfect ride. That is going to improve the feel and safety of your ride. Now there is a new method that can give you that perfect bike that is less of a subjective selection process. There needs to be an objective way to guarantee that you have the right sized bike. If you go by just how you feel, your feelings may change after you get home. Using 3D scanning services technology, the exact measurements for your bike can be determines.

3D scanning makes it easy

How is this done? Using a 3D laser scanning device, all of the exact measurements needed of your body can be taken. That measurements are taken and then computed to find the optimal size bike frame for you. Some people may have linger arms than others. Some people have longer legs. Those facts are all taken into consideration when designing your frame. That means no need to take chances guessing on what you will like down the road. Let’s face it, the computers are taking over our jobs. Sometimes they do so much better. The only thing that they can’t do is enjoy a bicycle ride on a custom made bike that fits your bum. The best thing about the measurement process is that no one needs to stick their finger in your armpit or side as they stretch out a tape measure. It is a completely non-contact measurement system.

If this is not enough to get you off the couch and down to the bike store, then you might need to go see a motivational speaker. All I can say is that getting out and doing some bike riding is going to help you in many ways. It is going to get you into shape. The fresh air is going to make you feel refreshed, and it is going to relieve some pressure of the daily grind, all thanks to 3D scanning services.

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