Chinese Company uses 3D Laser Scanning To Build a Skyscraper

Doing Big Things with 3D laser Scanning Services

If there is one thing that China likes, it is big projects. They are building some of the highest buildings in the world using advanced tools and techniques. Building Information Modeling (BIM), industrialized methods for construction, and prefabrication are pushing things forward. The China Construction Eighth Engineering Division is one of the leaders in the building action. A while back, built a massive skyscraper in Tianjin in one of the financial centers that rises up over 100 floors. They are working to making skyscraper construction able to be done more efficiently and accurately. One tool that they are using to do this is 3D laser scanning services.

3D laser scanning services for a building project

The Chinese construction team started building the tower in 2014 by doing the precontruction work. A multitude of BIM models were lots of components like doors, piping, partition, etc. were modeled to aid the building process. During the construction process, engineers could access the model by cloud and update the models with more exact data using 3D scanning services. They were able to do this using several different scanning methods. One methods using drone technology, otherwise known as an unmanned arial vehicle (UAV). Drone scanning is especially useful for hard to read high points. They also used laser scanners and even robots. These scans helped them create a virtual reality model not just for building, but even for training purposes.

A big hand from 3D laser scanning services

This was a huge project for the Chinese team that built the giant building in Tiajin. The structure rises to over five hundred feet into the sky, This building was quite a feat. Don’t think that we are just talking about height. If you have seen it you know what I mean. This thing is an engineering masterpiece. It’s not just a straight rectangle rising into the sky. It has twists and curves. A lot of cool looking building s have an out side shell that makes up the crazy shape of the building, while inside is just a square building. The building at the ChowTai Fook Financial Center is not that way. The outside shape is the actual shape of the building. The inside of it has all it takes to maintain fancy apartments, a 5-star hotel, and all the other things like shops and office space. Even with all that had to go into this building project, they were able to do it within required safety standards, and even meet Golden global green standards. 3D laser scanning services played a big part in getting this done.

Construction teams like this are just what is needed to push the level of building achievement up to the skies. They are the teams that know how to take the current technologies that we have and utilize them to their potential. 3D laser scanning services is helping building construction get done faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. My guess cool buildings like the one that they built in Tianjin will start to be the norm. Once you have the ability to do something good, why go back?

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