Fingernails: 3D Scanning Style

3D Scanning services is poking everything

3D Scanning services is getting its fingers into everything. You name it. It could be auto manufacturing, construction and trade, marketing or whatever. 3D scanning is even poking its fingers in the manicure business. How does that sound to you? Who ever thought that 3D scanning would have anything to do with what you wear. The fact is, there is a Japanese company that put 3D scanning and finger fashion into the wok and fried up a cool thing. Ladies, stick out your hands and let’s get scanning so you can all go home with a personalized 3D printed manicure.

The Ladies will be happy about 3D Scanning services

There is no doubt that girls are going to love this. Every woman loves flashing a lovely hand, but how inconvenient when the things falls off. This happens because every one of those hands is not the same. People come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes the fingertips. This innovative way to use 3D scanning services put the right sized fingernail on your flickers. This is not really possible with what you get from ready made nails. It is almost impossible that you would find one that fits you exactly. It is because of this that they can fall off.

Scan those hands

A Japanese company caught on to this idea and really took it to town. They picked out the best scanner for the job, an EinScan-Pro 3D scanner. That scanner was a good choice, too. It seemed to outperform the others in getting the job done. Not only does it do a high quality job, but this scanner starts at a very reasonable price. It is very easy to use and has multiple scan modes. According to its own website, It can do a handheld rapid scan, a handheld high-definition scan, a scan using a turntable, and just a fixed scan. This scanner is perfect for the job. 3D scanning services works by getting more than just a photo shot of the fingers, but a 3D image. It gets the fingers from all angles and makes for a perfectly fitted fingernail.

People are talking about 3D scanning

The news is getting around to that this is a hot new way to spiffy up your paws. Review websites are talking it up, news broadcasts are making it, and the school girls getting off the bus are probably even giggling about it. There is no doubt why. The best reason, of course, is the fact that nail won’t fall off. The next reason is because of what 3D scanning services can do with your finger measurements later on. Once you have had your fingers scanned, there is no need to do it again. The data can be pulled up anytime to make a new nail. The coolest part about the whole idea is that these nail can be custom designed and printed using 3D printing. Let the creativity begin.

Maybe you are a guy and don’t give a flying finger flip about finger nails. At least, though, you have to admit that 3D scanning services can do some cool things these days.

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