The Latest in 3D Laser Scanning Services: FUKUI COMPUTER Partners with Bentley Systems

They Plan to Promote Digital Transformation in Japan’s Infrastructure Field

The labor shortage in infrastructure in Japan has led to new measures being adopted by tech giants. FUKUI COMPUTER, in partnership with Bentley Systems, is working on ensuring aging infrastructure in the country maintains its original aesthetics.

How They’ll Use 3D Laser Scanning Services

The Bentley iTwin platform will provide cloud-based service CIMPHONY Plus to enable data sharing. In addition, the company offers visualization, simulation, and digital twin capabilities, which all touch on 3D laser scanning services.

Construction personnel does not have to worry about delivering services in a timely manner and lack of human resources. The company is launching a digital solution covering all project management steps. Investors can expect the technology to handle the entire infrastructure lifecycle without any qualms.

You can also expect the 3D scanning technology TREND ROAD, developed by the company, to help create new 3D road designs. It will be used in road conceptualization, design, construction, and operations.

This strategic partnership will lead to access to digital solutions in the infrastructure field. Championed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, Bentley’s top-notch digital technology will significantly affect the infrastructure industry. By utilizing 3D scanning services and digital twin solutions, the personnel can improve design, construction, and maintenance.

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is an infrastructure engineering software company that provides innovative solutions in infrastructure. The company is keen on achieving these goals by adhering to the sustainable measures of the economy and environment.

You can find experts in the field and companies at significant utilizing laser scan software for design, construction, and operations. The software is excellent for roads, rails, buildings, bridges, and transit.


Major companies and developers rely on FUKUI COMPUTER, Inc CAD-related products. For example, surveying companies, agencies, and civil engineering construction companies utilize their products for infrastructure construction, surveying, designing, and maintenance.

With almost 40,000 companies in Japan relying on FUKUI COMPUTER, you can rely on the company to lead the track record of reliable and sustainable solutions.

Furthermore, given that the government adopted “i-Construction,” which entails leveraging ICT for productivity, FUKUI COMPUTER 3D scanning services are rapidly gaining popularity.

The company aims to improve productivity in the industry by providing top-notch services.

About the Bentley iTwin Platform

The Bentley iTwin cloud platform allows development teams to work on applications for creating, visualizing, and analyzing digital twins of infrastructure.

These applications enable teams to incorporate data created by different design tools into a digital twin. The 3D laser scanning services platform also allows visualization and monitoring of all changes.

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