3D Laser Scanning Services Helps Create Avatars

GamING IS Getting More Advanced

Our world is headed to a virtual world, and creating realistic avatars can be hard to do. Video gamers worldwide want a look-alike avatar to make their own in the virtual world. It is part of an identity. As more people gravitate to virtual headsets and a bigger online presence, it becomes higher in demand. 3D laser scanning services can help scan someone in real-time and then insert their avatar into the virtual world. It’s creating a wider set of characters to choose from in games. 

Some games allow you to insert your character and be right against them. That means if you want to be the bad guy, all you have to do is scan yourself, your environment and become the bad guy. It makes the game more interesting. 

The goal of companies like Thor3D is to create an easy way for the everyday person to scan themselves and upload those scans to multiple platforms. One day you will be able to virtually shop with your grandma or walk down the streets of San Francisco and mingle in little Italy. The possibilities of where you can go and what you can do are limitless in the virtual world. 

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is what we see as a computer simulation. It can mimic the real world or create a new fantasy world. It is a 3D or three-dimensional space that allows someone to interact uniquely. Often people will wear headsets with sensors, microphones, and a screen to create a physical environment they can move around and interact in. 

One of the best ways to create this virtual world is with 3D laser scanning services and equipment to help create the virtual world. It’s also used to create avatars of a real person and insert their avatars in the virtual world. 

Why is virtual reality important?

Virtual reality and 3D laser scanning have created open opportunities to learn new things and experience a layout you could never get to in real life. It is allowing for different opportunities to be created. For example, this can enable patients in therapy to come in contact and safely confront their fears without ever coming to any harm. It could be the future way to have family events with members too far away to fly. 

It could also help with military training purposes by creating virtual worlds to train soldiers. It would allow them to fly planes, copters, and drive tanks while preparing for all emergencies. 3D laser scanning can help take real images of actual military vehicles. On top of being a training tool for the military, it could also be a tool for nurses and doctors who don’t have access to cadavers. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has merged with virtual reality, and we can’t wait to see the newest trends that follow. There are many unique benefits to combining this technology, and we will see people worldwide use this tech. Our society is headed virtually. 


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