Netflix Uses 3D Laser Scanning Services To Recreate Las Vegas Strip

One Of The Latest Cinematic Tricks

There are a lot of cinematic tricks that are fondly considered movie magic from the outside looking in. However, have you ever wondered how movies set in busy places could do so without being interrupted by people on their way to work? This form of movie magic has evolved throughout the history of the silver screen, but it is because of this primary reason movies are filmed on enclosed sets whenever possible. Filming “on-site” is reserved for shots that can’t be recreated in a studio due to lack of budget or indoor space. The answer in this scenario is 3D laser scanning services. Since anything is possible with computers today, Netflix is taking Hollywood to the next level by using 3D laser scanning services to create an entire CG model of the Las Vegas Strip.

Army Of The Dead, as you can maybe guess from the title, is about a post-apocalypse zombie invasion in Sin City. Las Vegas is the perfect setting for this type of movie because it is a melting pot of diversity. The range of characters there is enough to make a movie by itself, and then when you introduce street performers, exotic shows, and 3D laser scanning services, you get cinematic gold. With Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell taking on the leading roles, Army Of The Dead takes you to a new reality and shows you a look at a version of Las Vegas we all hope never to have to see.

Available on Netflix right now, Army Of The Dead is the first of its kind because of a strict rule that does not allow filmmakers to be on the Las Vegas Strip after 10 AM. With most of the action on the strip taking place when the sun goes down, this has made it difficult, historically, to do Vegas justice on screen. So especially when you need buildings such as the Bellagio to appear in ruins like in Army Of The Dead, 3D laser scanning services might not only be a cool new camera trick but the new normal for filmmaking. Indeed many of the viewers of this movie will be watching for the digital architecture.

Movie Making And 3D Laser Scanning Services

By creating a 3D-animated model of the Las Vegas Strip, Army Of The Dead producers can place the actors in any situation on the strip. It doesn’t just mean which hotel they are in front of. It also means they can manipulate the weather, seasons, time of day and even edit the objects in the background. Thanks to advanced 3D laser scanning services, viewers won’t even tell it is not the real Vegas. Hopefully, historians don’t get confused when they watch the movie in the future!

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