new! Apple Maps and 3D Laser Scanning Services

Available In London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

If you have ever had the privilege of traveling without GPS navigation, you know how lucky we are to have this technology. Since we use our phones for mapping as much as we do for communicating, it makes sense that improving navigation is always a primary goal of cell phone providers. On top of these providers is Apple, which is currently releasing iOS 15 for iPhones and is using 3D laser scanning services to create detailed 3D maps for use with navigation.

Right now, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are the only three cities to have access to these maps as Apple is probably working out any last minute kinks and monitoring it closely. Residents in this city are currently enjoying a different perspective of their city on their Apple map thanks to 3D laser scanning services. Instead of seeing a bird’s eye view, Apple users now have the option to view a 3D angled view showing buildings around you. If you are not an Apple user, you can see an example of this effect by searching for a destination on Google Maps.

More About The 3D Laser Scanning Services Upgrade

This 3D laser scanning service upgrade to Apple maps will not only improve the look of the maps but also help users save time on their commute with new public transportation features. For example, users will now be able to be prompted on which bus to take, and when to signal the driver to be dropped off. This will surely help organize foot traffic and minimize congestion on the street, all thanks to Apple Maps 3D laser scanning services!

This feature is not yet available on vehicle infotainment screens with Apple CarPlay, but eventually we will be able to view these 3D maps in our self-driving cars all the way to the Bitcoin ATM! Like the current 3D scanning maps on Apple iOS 15, it will show elevation changes and even have animated landmarks in full detail!

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